Ako použiť Režim na Čítanie

Naši prispievatelia pracujú na preklade tohto článku. Dokedy však nebude preklad dokončený, môžete nájsť pomoc v anglickej verzii.

Firefox for Android has a beautiful Reader View that strips away all of a website's clutter so you can focus on what you're reading. We'll show how it all works.

Enable and disable Reader View

  • Just tap the Reader View icon Reader mode in the address bar. Tap it again to exit and return to the regular page.
    Reader mode article
Note: Reader View is not available on devices with less than 384 MB of memory.

Customize the way things look in Reader View

Change the size of the text, switch fonts or change the theme from light to dark for reading in the dark.

  • In Reader View, tap the screen to bring up the controls and then tap the Aa button.
    customize reader m30 edit reader mode m38

Share your favorites

Share a link to the page you're reading on social networks or over email and text messages.

  • In Reader View, tap the screen to bring up the controls and then tap the share button on the right.
Share from reader mode share read fx30
Firefox Desktop: Reader View is also available on Firefox Desktop! See Firefox Reader View for clutter-free web pages.
Reading List: Short on time? Save web pages to your Reading List on Firefox for Android and read them later.

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