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Since update 89 tabs has moved above bookmarks and url toolbars and I can't see how to move them back

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Since update Version 89, the tabs have moved above the bookmarks and url toolbars and I can't see how to move them back. Can anyone help please?

Since update Version 89, the tabs have moved above the bookmarks and url toolbars and I can't see how to move them back. Can anyone help please?

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I don't know how much experience you have with computers, so if I sound like I am talking down to you, please forgive me.

I was able to move the tabs down like I do almost every update, with a .css file in a Chrome folder that sits in my default folder. So do this:

1.) Go to "about:config" in the address bar. Start typing in "toolkit.legacy" and a line should come up "toolkit.legacyUserProfileCustomizations.stylesheets." Change that value to "false."

   I use Windows 10.   I hope you, do, too, because these following directions are for it.  

2.) Go to your Windows file explorer, and on the lower left-hand corner, double click on "Local Disk (C:)." The file hierarchy should come up in the right viewing window.

3.) Click on "Users." Click on your profile folder. Click on "App Data." Click on "Roaming." Click on "Mozilla." Click on "Firefox." Click on "Profiles." If there are a few of them, you need to find your current one. Go to the address bar in your Internet browser and type in "about:support." "Profile Folder" should be about 10 or 11 spots down in the left-hand blue tabs. What is the last extension? That is the folder you open up. (Of course, you can also just click on it, there, but it's good to know how to get to it otherwise.)

4.) If there is no folder labeled "Chrome," make one. (Control/shift/N) Label it "Chrome."

5.) Now leave that open, and open a Notepad file. Save it as "userChrome.css." Put that new file inside the Chrome folder you just made. When you choose "Save As," write that title in with the extension. This is where you will paste some text. This is also why you changed the toolkit line to "True": so Firefox will read the file.

6.) Copy the following code into the Notepad file and then save it. Start below the line and end before the last line.

__________________________________ /* Source file made available under Mozilla Public License v. 2.0 See the above repository for updates as well as full license text. */

/* Modify to change window drag space width */ /* Use tabs_on_bottom_menubar_on_top_patch.css if you have menubar permanently enabled and want it on top

  • /

/* IMPORTANT */ /* Get window_control_placeholder_support.css Window controls will be all wrong without it. Additionally on Linux, you may need to get: linux_gtk_window_control_patch.css

  • /
root{ --uc-titlebar-padding: 0px; }

@media (-moz-os-version: windows-win10){

root[sizemode="maximized"][tabsintitlebar]{ --uc-titlebar-padding: 8px }


  1. toolbar-menubar[autohide="true"] > .titlebar-buttonbox-container,
  2. TabsToolbar > .titlebar-buttonbox-container{

position: fixed; display: block; top: var(--uc-titlebar-padding,0px); right:0; height: 40px; } /* Mac specific. You should set that font-smoothing pref to true if you are on any platform where window controls are on left */ @supports -moz-bool-pref("layout.css.osx-font-smoothing.enabled"){

root{ --uc-titlebar-padding: 0px !important }

.titlebar-buttonbox-container{ left:0; right: unset !important; } }

root[uidensity="compact"] #TabsToolbar > .titlebar-buttonbox-container{ height: 32px }
  1. toolbar-menubar[inactive] > .titlebar-buttonbox-container{ opacity: 0 }
  1. navigator-toolbox{ padding-top: var(--uc-titlebar-padding,0px) !important; }

.titlebar-buttonbox-container > .titlebar-buttonbox{ height: 100%; }

  1. titlebar{

-moz-box-ordinal-group: 2; -moz-appearance: none !important; --tabs-navbar-shadow-size: 0px; }


  1. TabsToolbar .titlebar-spacer{ display: none; }

/* Also hide the toolbox bottom border which isn't at bottom with this setup */

  1. navigator-toolbox::after{ display: none !important; }

@media (-moz-gtk-csd-close-button){ .titlebar-button{ -moz-box-orient: vertical } }

/* These exist only for compatibility with autohide-tabstoolbar.css */ toolbox#navigator-toolbox > toolbar#nav-bar.browser-toolbar{ animation: none; }

  1. navigator-toolbox:hover #TabsToolbar{ animation: slidein ease-out 48ms 1 }

/* Source file made available under Mozilla Public License v. 2.0 See the above repository for updates as well as full license text. */

/* Menubar on top patch - use with tabs_on_bottom.css */ /* Only really useful if menubar is ALWAYS visible */

root{ --uc-window-control-width: 0px !important }
  1. navigator-toolbox{ padding-top: calc(29px + var(--uc-titlebar-padding,0px)) !important }
  1. toolbar-menubar{

position: fixed; display: flex; top: var(--uc-titlebar-padding,0px); height: 29px; width: 100%; overflow: hidden; }

  1. toolbar-menubar > .titlebar-buttonbox-container{ height: 29px; order: 100; }
  1. toolbar-menubar > [flex]{ flex-grow: 100; }
  2. toolbar-menubar > spacer[flex]{

order: 99; flex-grow: 1; min-width: var(--uc-window-drag-space-width,20px); }

  1. toolbar-menubar .titlebar-button{ padding: 2px 17px !important; }
  1. toolbar-menubar .toolbarbutton-1 { --toolbarbutton-inner-padding: 3px }

/* TABS: height */*|*:root { --tab-toolbar-navbar-overlap: 0px !important; --tab-min-height: 25px !important; --tab-min-width: 80px !important;

  1. tabbrowser-tabs {

width: 100vw !important; }

  1. main-window:not([chromehidden*="toolbar"]) #navigator-toolbox {padding-bottom: var(--tab-min-height) !important;}

.tab-background { border-radius: 8px 8px 0px 0px !important; border-image: none !important; } .tab-line { display: none; }

.tab-close-button { color: red!important; } ___________________________________________________

This code is from a guy on reddit. The name of the subreddit is Firefox CSS: A place to help make your browser your own.

7.) Close the file. Restart Firefox. I think this should work!

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I just posted a huge reply here with details on how to make a .css file to fix this, and it will not stick.

Is posting code a no-no here?

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Go to Reddit and look for a subreddit called Firefox CSS: A place to help make your browser your own.

The code is there. You have to make a Chrome folder in your profile folder. Have you ever done this before?

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Really ? I know you think that you are being helpful, but you are not. Lots of people, and most seniors first have no idea what you are talking about with your "code" suggestions. Second, in my senior experience, any time that I have attempted to do anything such as you suggested the result has been that my laptop is rendered useless. Even more functions become screwed up. It is time for seniors to find a way to fight back against the ageism that FIREFOX has fully embraced with version 89. It is time for people in charge of FIREFOX to realize that most people want to use their computers for end directed purposes. NOT because they, like some who post, and evidently those who cooked up 89, think it fun and satisfying to spend their time interacting with a machine. We don't like "code". It is not enjoyable for us to manipulate or write or have anything to do with "code". If FIREFOX wants to be a browser used only by 25 year olds, keep- it up. 89 might get me off to another browser just for self-preservation. It is horribly unusable. A complete ruination of FIREFOX. I'm astounded that FIREFOX people could so cluelessly dump this on older users.

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Hi edsgraves, since the release of Firefox 57 in November 2017, we've been in this same situation: if you want to change the order of the bars in the toolbars section, you need to create a userChrome.css file, and then every 8-15 versions, you need to update your file to account for changes in Firefox.

If that doesn't sound familiar, perhaps this isn't the thread you meant to comment in. We could continue with your question here instead:

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Gotta say, I'm with edsgraves on this one.

It can be annoying to adjust to a new screen layout that replaced one that was not broken.

For a general user it's a pretty reasonable, normal and predictable request to have the ability it revert to a prior screen format. Regardless of how long ago the fix has existed, such a fix should not require a generic user to have to update a CSS stylesheet of the length and complexity of the file expensivewino13 gave us above. Add to it that a user has had to update this CSS every 8-15 versions since 2017?? There's got to be a more user friendly way to build in this functionality.

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Hi b.sharkey, Creating a userChrome.css file and other ways of customizing Firefox that are not exposed in the interface are there for developers, not end-users. If it were intended for end-users, you would see a menu option or checkbox; you wouldn't have to hack a text file in a hidden location.

What this means is that even though the functionality you want is no longer supported, a third-party has found a way to do it using the CSS file. If it breaks in new versions, you will need to contact the person who provided the script.

The advice given here is not official. More importantly, the support forum is for peer-to-peer help, where users can help each other in their use of Firefox, so unless an answer explicitly states that it's official advice, it's not. Official advice can be found in the knowledge base at Any page that contains /kb/ in the address is from the knowledge base.

Right now, my suggestion is that you post a question to the support forum, asking for a new script for the latest version:

It doesn't look like the person who posted the original question is going to respond, and others seem to be using this thread for there own issues, so I'm going to lock this thread.