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Firefox loads many sites after 5 minutes, other browsers do not

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Good morning everyone, for at least 6 months now I'm having a lot of problems viewing some sites with Firefox. I have not been able to find common points between these sites, I only noticed that many are made in Wordpress.

Anyway when I load these sites Firefox takes 3 to 5 minutes to display them. Sometimes the screen is white, other times the wheel turns. Any other browser, of course, plays the same sites immediately.

To complicate things I have to add that the same sites sometimes start loading normally again, and then stop loading. But not all of them. I mean that one starts working again, another one continues not to work and vice versa.

I've done dozens of tests without being able to solve the problem in any way. I list them:

1. Deactivated all the extensions, even uninstalled, loaded Firefox in safe mode and nothing to do. 2. Uninstalled Firefox completely (cleaning %appdata%, windows registry and program folders) and reinstalled clean, no go. 3. Installed various versions of Firefox Developer, 32 bit, ESR, normal, even portable, always without extensions and with standard configuration and nothing to do. 4. Unplugged the network cable and connected in thetering / wifi with the 4G of the cell phone and nothing to do. 5. Tried a neighbor's wifi and nothing to do. 6. Wiped the pc, registry, uninstalled any software that wasn't absolutely necessary and nothing to do. 7. Started Windows in safe mode and nothing to do. 8. Uninstalled Eset Antivirus (I have a friend who has the same antivirus anyway and he can see any site perfectly with Firefox), deactivated Windows Defender as well and nothing to do. 9. I've followed the advice of dozens of articles modifying about:config in various ways (always making a backup first) and nothing to do. 10. Checked the pc with 4 different antivirus, antirootkit, antimalware and it was perfectly clean.

At this point I don't know what to do except give up using Firefox after a decade, because the problem seems to increase, in the sense that the sites that I can't load are more and more.

If someone can help me to avoid it I am very grateful...

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hello lad,

I think it may due to html / css codes that FF is not handling well.

Can you provide us with some links to the problematic page(s)?


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Sure! For example takes in this moment 4 or 5 minutes to load. The spinning whell, see attached image, is active, but sometimes it is not. Other site:, that is in the same web server, but I can load other website without issues in that web server.

At this moment I do not remember other website, but since the problem occurred will be at least a hundred ...

Thank you very much


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hello harry,

both those links opened up for me like in 3 or 4 seconds.

see pic attached.

so i dont believe FF is unable to render those pages because they show up fine on my end.

what i think is that there is some app on your end that is causing you these issues.

i think you executed a logical effort by disabling all those things you cited. But you really do not need most of them. I certainly do not use any of them.

In a perfect situation, you would only have microsoft windows installed and FF, and 100% nothing else. In this scenario, i truly believe you would not experience the issue(s)

So even if you disabled them, maybe there is one that is a malware and is still on your system. But this is only a thought.

The other thoughts that could corrupt the system is the lack of resources such as ram memory.

In order to begin searching for the cause of corruption on you end, start with a clean slate for your FF and operating system.

Simply uninstall all the add-ins. Nextly, disable all Windows Startups too, including vpns, anti malwares for this and that, antiviral for that and this. Then reboot and recheck the pages.

To reiterate, those pages look excellent on my end and i find 0% issues with them. But I have a truly clean system as well.

I'll be standing by to see your result.

Lets review these issues while your system(s) are operating in a "pure" mode, per se.


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Hi, and thank you again. Just updated Firefox to 89.0b1 (64 bit) release. Now all the sites seem to work.

It seems an incredible thing, I tried to load ten times, closed and reopened Firefox, restarted the pc and it continues to load quickly.

But something like this has already happened to me for several days and then again they didn't work anymore.

So let's say I check the situation over the next 15 days and see what happens.

I agree with the clean windows environment, but I started windows in safe mode (no autostart software loaded) and used a portable firefox and the problem still occurred. As for malware, anything can be, but I've done dozens of scans and have no problems with other browsers and programs. I'm more inclined to think of a hardware problem, the pc is very old. I don't know how but I think there may be some kind of memory issue.

I hope the update has somehow fixed the problem. As I said I would leave the thread open for some time until I have certainty.


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i'm glad the issue is resolved harry!

sometime reinstalling the browser and or the anti-virals helps resolve the conflicts !


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I hope! But after 6 months of troubles I prefer to wait 15 days to state that the problem is solved... :) Anyway the new update (now I am using Firefox Developer) that seems to have solved the issue is a big update, intarface is changed a lot. In my opinion line spacing seems excessive so I've changed it on chrome css, I hope I haven't compromised everything... :D

Thank you very much for your support!


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Your welcome Harry. We're here for you !


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