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Need Widevine CDM for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS ARMHF (Tegra K1) Firefox 54.0 "Jetson TK1" everything works but no Netflix stream. Please make available! Thanks so much

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Using Firefox 54.0 from Ubuntu PPA, 14.04 LTS for ARMHF (Tegra K1, Jetson TK1 unit fully updated)

Can not get Netflix to stream. Youtube works fine, as do other streaming services.

Silverlight plugins are not available for this architecture and in any case NPAPI is not supported in this Firefox version.

I have been able to get Netflix streaming on Raspberry Pi 2B (Raspbian 8) by adding Widevine CDM libraries as in a well-known hack, but that hack does not work on this platform. Also, that requires the use of Google `chromium-browser' which also cannot decode Netflix streams.

Perhaps some nice developer could release a Widevine CDM module for this 32-bit ARM HF system? I'm not asking for a huge investment of time, possibly it just needs some compile time flags readjustment and it'll work for everyone.

Many thanks for even considering it.


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Widevine is a third-party Google company, so there is not much that Mozilla can to about this.

Widevine Technologies - Multiplatform DRM and Content Protection - CWIP Training.

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Other platforms' versions of Firefox have an entry under "plug-ins" to select or deselect "use DRM content".

This ARMHF version for the Jetson TK1 does not have that, so I assume that even if a widevine version exists, there's no means by which Firefox can use it.

All it has under "plugins" is a notation that this Firefox will have a plugin for "openh264 downloaded soon". It has said that for about a year.

Further, in recent months a new audio codec has emerged which is not handled by Firefox, although `chromium-browser` does handle it.

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The OpenH264 plugin has been discontinued in Firefox 52 and later in favor of the Widevine plugin.

To be able to install this plugin you would have to use the Firefox 52 ESR version and modify the URL on the about:config page to download this plugin to spoof the Firefox 51 version.

Modify media.gmp-manager.url : change %VERSION% to 51.0 (use 46.0 for Firefox 45 ESR)

You can try whether this works on your platform.

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This is not particularly helpful.

First, none of the about:config entries exist as such, because I am running Linux on weird iron. ;)

However, looking at all of the extant media.* about:config entries, I see:


which can't be of much use since this host can't be pinged, I presume it's down.

"ping PING ( 56(84) bytes of data. ^C --- ping statistics --- 8 packets transmitted, 0 received, 100% packet loss, time 6999ms "

Is there a better URL?

Many thanks,

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You can use the Live Http Headers extension to see what URL Firefox accesses when trying to install the OpenH264 plugin.

Did you look at this page?

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cor-el said

media.gmp-manager.url You can use the Live Http Headers extension to see what URL Firefox accesses when trying to install the OpenH264 plugin. Did you look at this page?

Yes, I looked at this. Did you read my response?

I should also mention, this is not the ESR version. Also, it gives a URL to a cisco site from which I found out where to download the codec and I got it, built it, and installed it. It doesn't work. It does not show up as an installed plug-in.

Seriously: i read that page, tried everything on it but that stuff is not there, that's for a Windows(tm) Firefox.

I suppose I could try building version 55 from source and I might even succeed. I still doubt that would handle DRM/CDM without someone hacking something into it so that the CDM downloaded at viewing time can work.

Please feel free to forward this to any staff who might be interested and capable.


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I wrote above that you would have to install the Firefox 52 ESR version to be able to try this out. I think that all involved prefs should be there.

Were you ever able to load the OpenH264 plugin on your device (e.g. in Firefox 50 or 51)?

This involves modifying some preferences on the about:config page.

media.gmp-eme-adobe.enabled (boolean, true)
media.gmp-eme-adobe.forceSupported (boolean, true; FF 49.0+)
media.gmp-eme-adobe.visible (boolean, true; FF 49.0+)
media.gmp.decoder.enabled (boolean, true)
media.eme.enabled (boolean, true)

Modify media.gmp-manager.url : change %VERSION% to 51.0

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Do you see where I mention that I am running a variant of LINUX?

It is Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and it is a 32-bit ARM HF operating system.

NO plugin for Silverlight exists or can exist, the Silverlight plugin requires a variation of the WINE emulator which can run only on x86 chipset. ARM is not x86 chipset.

There's no point installing any ESR version. No plugins exist which allow Netflix to be spoofed through user-agent strings.

I have no doubt that the information you provide would be just great for Windows users. I am not using Windows.