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Mozilla, a company whose literal goal is to keep the internet free for public use, ironically makes it virtually impossible to contact them

There is literally not a more appropriate place to post this in a 2 hour online search quest to find such a place. So, to sum it up, Mozilla does not include a, "Contact"… (читать ещё)

There is literally not a more appropriate place to post this in a 2 hour online search quest to find such a place. So, to sum it up, Mozilla does not include a, "Contact" link on most of their public facing pages. Only a select few have them. Mozilla offers absolutely no way to provide feedback from what I couldn't find. Any page with the feedback box "Did this help" thumbs up and thumbs down literally results in nothing except the box disappearing when I click thumbs down. Mozilla's emails to their email list recipients have no second form of contact information on them beyond a mysterious unnamed physical address (which is illegal btw and lololol, I am disgusted about this for a company that is supposedly all about legal transparency online). Then, Mozilla's "Contact page" (https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/contact/) contains a completely broken map that shows literally nothing but appears to be intended to show geographical regions to contact. They link to a Facebook page without a contact option. There is an extremely limited support menu that looks like it was developed by a teenage web developer and which offers NO link to a Mozilla foundation support option. The dinky little "Get Help" link at the very bottom is the only thing that could even remotely be related to getting general Mozilla foundation help/offering feedback. Clicking on that routes to the help forum homepage which has zero options for Mozilla Foundation or Mozilla pages reporting broken features and etc. The Mozilla Github seems to only be tailored towards the various Mozilla coding projects but seems to be completely absent of actual Mozilla applications such as Firefox. Doing an extremely thorough Google search for the email address of Mozilla or any of its public facing representatives resulted me with absolutely zero results. Mozilla doesn't even openly provide a mailing address to the public on its website from what I could find (this is scary to think about in a scenario where I would need to mail legal documents to Mozilla). Mozilla has no publicly listed phone number anywhere on Google. I could not even find any leaked email addresses to anyone whatsoever within the Mozilla foundation, almost as if they actively scrub them from search results. This seeming lack of connection with Mozilla's actual users is quite concerning to me. Lol, if I were writing one of Mozilla's privacy review articles on Mozilla themselves, I would give a warning sign due to a designed communication-killing wall between them and their end users.

Please reroute this concern to the correct area. I know it is not posted in the right place but Mozilla literally left me with no option on a more appropriate place to leave it.

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