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Auto-update consequences: Unwanted (regional) search engines, despite having en-US set as my locale, and partially reset browser settings

Hello everyone, Today my Windows 10 and Firefox browser have automatically updated themselves, which is totally fine, however, to my shock, when I started the browser, I … (читать ещё)

Hello everyone,

Today my Windows 10 and Firefox browser have automatically updated themselves, which is totally fine, however, to my shock, when I started the browser, I found out that my default search engine was replaced by "Yandex", as well as "eBay" was added to the list of search engines, and I always had only Google (default), Bing and DuckDuckGo. I did not consent to this, nor I was warned that was going to happen. It's important to note that while I'm currently residing in Russia and therefore have a Russian IP address, all my programs, my OS and Firefox were set to use English as the default and only language, and I had everything pointing to United States as my only choice of region/location/language in the Windows regional settings. Also, further digging reveled that these were not the only settings that were reset. Among them were ALL privacy settings, toolbar & UI customizations, and Pocket has raised from the dead, despite being completely switched off with about:config settings. And I am yet to discover how many other about:config settings were reset as well. The history, downloads and bookmarks all seem to be unaffected and in place and order.

I know what the first reply is going to be: "You've got a virus, bud", but before anyone jumps to a conclusion that I've indeed got a virus/malware/whatever, absolutely the same thing has happened on my Linux install as well. No, it isn't a virus, at least on my end. It appears that Mozilla is the one engaging in such behavior. How else would you explain that both installs, one of which came from the official Mozilla's FTP, and the other one is from the official Arch repos, are both poisoned by this?! And guess what, I tried to replicate this in a virtual machine — absolutely the same result! All of the regional settings and the guest OS are set to English (United States), but I still get what I now call a "regional inconvenience and overall experience downgrade pack".

I'd really like to hear an explanation as to why this happens and possibly have a responsible person's attention to the matter, or at least be able to file a bug report (if it is a bug, which I doubt it is — take a look at the paragraph above). But regardless of that I believe that such behavior on Mozilla's end is intolerable, infuriating and disrespectful to both users' settings and the users themselves, which is not how I remember Mozilla, when I started using Firefox (that was around when 1.5 came out).

Now, a message to Mozilla: If this continues, and if this is how Mozilla envisioned the future of Firefox, I'm afraid it's time for us to part ways and either use a fork that doesn't do this, or join the evil forces of IE6 2.0... whoops, I meant Chromium/Blink.

You were indeed fighting for our freedoms back in the day, but apparently you are now fighting only for your monetary gains by pre-installing such regional inconvenience and overall experience downgrade packs. If I have an English (US) OS, but live in another country, I still want to have the same experience as English (US) users who are in the US. I don't need such "convenience". You need to understand something: nobody does! If they do have an urge to use a vanda...-"regionalized" browser; they'd download an appropriate version and happily use it with their favorite search engine! Whereas me, and people like me can't, because you are forcing the same experience onto us. I've spent 15 years with Firefox and I wouldn't want to abandon using this amazing browser, but please, change your ways and consider your partnerships. Otherwise I want to do nothing with a browser that respects neither my settings, nor me.

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