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How to install Firefox on new PC (no browser)?

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Basic question: I plan to buy a new PC (Windows OS). How can I download and install Firefox if the new PC doesn't have a pre-loaded browser such as Internet Explorer to begin with? Would I need to obtain a CD of Internet Explorer or other browser, install it, then use it to download and install Firefox?

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If that new PC will have Windows 7 or 8 installed then it will come standard with Internet Explorer as the browser and depending on the PC manufacturer it they might have pre-installed another browser like Firefox or Chrome as well. If you live in the EU then you will be presented with the browser choice screen which will let you decide at first boot which browser you would like to use.

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A possibility is to open the Mozilla FTP website in Windows Explorer and download the Firefox set up file that way.

See "How To Download Firefox On a New Computer Without Using Internet Explorer":

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If all else fails, go to a public or friends computer with a thumb drive.