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How do I import Bookmarks from my Windows laptop onto my Android tablet?

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I am trying to import the Bookmarks from my Windows laptop. I do not want to sync, just a one-off import. Anyway SYNC refused to work. Any help would be great. I'm a complete newbie with Android.

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Hi petef,

Normally, the way to achieve this would be to export the bookmarks into a JSON file then import them back into an alternative browser. However, Firefox for Android doesn't support importing bookmarks from a JSON file. That's what Firefox Sync is for. What problems are you having with Firefox Sync? Here's a quick start guide to Sync.

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Hi Moses B. Thanks for reply, but yes - I have already spent 4 hours trying to get SYNC to work following the quick start guide to Sync.

I wondered if having different versions of FF - 27 on the laptop, 28 on the tablet would cause problem, but I can't upgrade the laptop as v.28 doesn't work on my machine (28 will not work on some Windows XP machines - see: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/que.../985969?page=3#answer-546599).

I believe SYNC is not compatible v.28 to v.29, but are v.27 / v.28 incompatible as well? Else something else is going wrong.

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I was just looking at that thread. The Quick Start Guide to Sync is usually the one-stop shop for Sync.

Unfortunately, I do not use Sync so I don't want to give information that'll make your setup much worse than what it is. Most contributors are out for the night as they are scattered around globally, but I'll flag this thread so someone can get back to you ASAP.

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petef I see your issue you are moving bookmarks to the android however the cairo acceleration on you desktop is affected by the bug in the highlighted thread above: So, there is a new sync that can be activated in version 29. This is done by going to about:accounts. However since the desktop is not up to that version this is not the issue. Syncing from 27 to 28 I did not have any trouble in testing. I just tried it with windows xp 27 to a ffv28 on an android device (not a tablet though).

What was the error message that you received?

What you can also do is create a new profile, set up a new sync account in that profile. Then copy the old profile folder and overwrite the one you just created, sync, then attach the sync to the android.

To do this with android

  1. Tap on Settings
  2. Tap on Sync
  3. Select I have an account
  4. Open up sync in the desktop
  5. Select pair a device
  6. enter the code that is displaying on the android
  7. select next on the android and the desktop.

It should be all set from there. Can you describe to us where it stops working? I would like to save you another 4 hours :-)

On android you can also go to accounts and select add an account. Firefox sync may be listed if it was successful. https://blog.mozilla.org/services/201.../firefox-sync-on-your-android/ http://mzl.la/NYgEvq

If all else fails, try the new sync account and copy the profile folder into this new profile on FF29.

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Thanks Guigs2 for the reply, and sorry i haven't replied before. Tablet had to be returned under warranty. Will try your suggestions as soon as I get new one up & running.

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Hi - tried everything I can think of but no go. I have deleted my original account and started again but get exactly the same problems.

The furthest I have managed to get is the message that the Recovery Code Is Incorrect (when it is entered correctly), or the Android device hangs with the message Waiting for other Device.

I must be fundamentally misunderstanding what I am supposed to do, or there is a problem. It doesn't help that the screen options presented by Firefox Sync are not the same as described in The Guide to Sync.

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This is not specifically related to this post but addresses a general shortcoming of nearly all threads shown in this forum and meant to provide answers to people wanting to sync their instances of Fx across computers and/or platforms.

Generally speaking most of the posts and online knowledge being shown here are outdated. I find it hard to believe that there *seems* to be no moderation (understand cleanup) of past threads meant to answer and help users of superseeded versions of Fx and sync. Old threads refer to window snapshots that are no longer available or there in Fx 29. Quite a garbled mess. It took me a good 3 hours of experimenting on my own to get to that conclusion.

Everything here should be geared toward helping people move on to Fx 29 with its new fangled Sync features and controls. Consequently all the info not earmarked as up-to-date should be archived.

Forum Moderators, please help users move on by cleaning up threads and showing pertinent info on actual up-to-date version of Fx and Sync.

This is (nearly) all very confusing. Not the way those forums should be administered.

Good luck !

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To import Bookmarks from the Windows laptop on to yours new Android tablet it is not necessary to go with the long manual methods if you can easily import Bookmarks to your Tablet with the help of [removed blog link Bookmark Transfer] software that can easily transfer any type of data from your old phone to the new one with an ease. This software provides a very simple step to transfer contacts from one phone to other. It can even help you to transfer other data also.

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I am locking question due to age, please start a new question or check out the knowledge base for more recent information.

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