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I have a Kindle Fire HD. Adobe Flashplayer will not download and I have heard, there is no fixes..??

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I 've had my Kindle just over a month, I haven't been able to watch videos or see any graphics(moving). Yesterday, I found out that since July 2012, there was no longer be support for Flashplayer, from anyone!!! When I purchased my Kindle I wasn't told about this serious problem. If a fix isn't produced soon, I think every Kindle sold after July 2012 should be refunded to the purchasers. This seems like a scam to me. I would like answers NOW!!

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hello zombiasnow, adobe has announced in late 2011 that it will cease any further developement of flash on mobile devices, so now that's kind of a dead technology on mobile. if you have a complaint about a third party product, you'll have to put that to the vendor of this device (amazon in your case). the firefox support forum isn't the right place for such a discussion.

thank you for your understanding!