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firefox adobe flash player plugin continues to crash, how do i fix this?

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with each update from adobe and from Firefox, flash player becomes more unstable. the last time it was stable was when adobe was still in 10th version but once it reach 11th version it became unstable. i have did everything the tread has offer to do from updating to the latest flash player and updating Firefox. uninstall Firefox and uninstall flash player and then reinstalling it. I have reset Firefox to its default settings. i keep my system clean of cookies and other things using CC cleaner and disk cleanup. i have the fast internet service provider and i have disable my antivirus software to make sure it was not interfering. i have tried safe mode. and have disable video accelerator as well. to no prevail. i know this has to be a flaw in the update. when it crashes a box appears saying a "script as stop working or is busy would you like to continue or stop plugin" of course i stop it because it will just freeze the computer if i don't. this occurs on a daily basics now. it would also appear that it slows down my internet speed while the process is running as evident of when it crashes my internet moves extremely faster than normal. i love Firefox and do not wont to switch. i know i can not return to internet explorer its terrible unstable and prone to virus but now Firefox is acting up. is their a add on or something to fix this issue that's been troubling users for the last 2 years. i have windows 7 home premium 64 bit computer. i have gone as far as performing a factory restore.

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I tried it and it was just as unstable if not more but thanks anyway. any other possible solutions?

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Don't fiddle around with the beta its flaky.

You can try a method that discovered and give it a try, i make no guarantee that it will resolve your particular issue, it is for informational purposes. I have been crash free from adobe flash and Firefox issues for almost a year now after implementing this myself.


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I have been chasing my tail with this problem for several years. Perhaps it is a problem common to Window 7 / 64 bit. At any rate you'd think that both Adobe and the Firefox developers could find a solution.

I'll try the above fix but if no solution is forthcoming I will be changing back to IE. After all the very reason I came to the Firefox browser was that IE was at the time not up to the challenge. It looks like the tables are now reversed.