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Can I edit Google Docs in Firefox

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Can I use Firefox Mobile Browser on an Android Gingerbread phone to edit a Google document (the word processing kind, not just the spreadsheet kind) within the Firefox browser itself? I am not referring to the Google Docs/Drive app, I mean directly editing within Firefox Mobile Browser itself? Are there any limitations to performing such editing? I want to get an Android 2.3 smartphone (no, not the Android 4.x ones) but wanted to make sure I could still view and edit my Google Docs (wordprocessing kind of documents). Thank you!

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Hi lexiflower,

Thank you for posting your questions. I do not have a device running 2.3 but I did set up a virtualbox machine running Gingerbread and ideally I got firefox to run by adding the download app file to the sdcard folder of the virtual machine. However this does not mean that I can conclude that this will work on the specific device that you are running Gingerbread on. I was unable to search the play store for Firefox, but I would love to find out if this link successfully downloads firefox for android on the device that you are running 2.3 on.

The link to download is here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.mozilla.firefox&hl=en

A previous question was offered a solution to download this from the playstore as well: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/que.../924780

As noted in that question, if you are a developer, the environment to run can be asked in an android forum as well.

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So the short answer, is yes, but the long one would be that it depends on the performance requirements for drive.google.com and the Firefox for android, which I can confirm works on most devices.