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Google.com cookie placed when opening private browsing window on FF26

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When I open a private browsing window on FF26, a Google.com cookie is placed. This cookie is not removed when finishing private browsing. The cookie is placed before any activities have taken place in either the normal FF window, or the private browsing window. No startpages are set, the windows open with a blank tab.

Where does the cookie come from and how do I permanently get rid of it?

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Note that entering Private Browsing mode doesn't affect existing cookies. You will get a new set of cookies to be used in private mode tabs and window, but you still have the old cookies present once you close all private tabs or otherwise switch back to a normal tab.

Note that the Cookie Manager only show cookies from normal mode and not from PB mode.

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I was afraid I would get a reply like this.

This is not about existing cookies, this is about cookies that were not there before the private window is openend and before any website was called.

When I write a cookie is placed it means there wasn't a cookie before.

So to put it clear, I have nil-zero-0 no cookies in the browser. When I start the browser there are still no cookies. Then I open the private window and at that very moment a google cookie is placed. It is placed while not a single website has been called.

So where does it come from? I have an idea, Firefox is putting it there for whatever reason. Is Firefox tracking me and selling the data to google?

Изменено Heidii

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The google.com cookie is present on the Firefox browser INSTANTLY when I open the browser!! I have a new operating system, so therefore I installed the latest version 27, and then quickly 27.0.1. This is when the google.com cookie nightmare began.

I have spent countless HOURS attempting to delete or BLOCK this cookie, and those options are NOT functional on the latest version. It appears that I must delete the version 27.0.1, and then attempt to install the old version 26 to have the option to BLOCK this cookie.

This is a tremendous drain on users to be unable to control UNWANTED cookies. I have never used google for searches, and I have NEVER knowingly visited any site which could place a google cookie, and if one did pop on up the list it was blocked. WHAT HAS CHANGED???

Any and all suggestions would be most appreciated.

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I have the same problem with Firefox 30.0

-- Teri