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uninstall outfox tv

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how can i uninstall outfox from Firefox

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Outfox.tv is not actually a virus as some made it out to be thanks to how outfox initially changed some tab settings in Firefox and such only to be fixed later. It also does not help that it was bundled in with some other software initially. Some of the sites including the above are calling the outfox application a virus as a way to make money. They may also make it so if you do their fixes and the when uninstalling outfox application it may not uninstall properly and these sites then make monkey on removing it for a price.

From outfox.tv website

Simple to uninstall: Go to Start/All Programs, then to Outfox TV, and click Uninstall. The uninstaller removes ALL features and leaves nothing behind.

If the new tab still has outfox.tv as New tab after a uninstall. Manual Reset :

   To reset this type the following in your Firefox browser address bar:
   then in the search box type :
   browser.newtab.URL and press enter
   Double click on the line / field for browser.newtab.URL
   You can then change the value of the new tab to be anything you require.

Also note that outfox application is NOT a Mozilla product or project as some may think with the fox in name.

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I have tried all of these methods & including standing on my head but cannot get rid of this thing! It begins to uninstall, then stops about a third of the way thru'. Help me......

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Hi GingerH, the problem is that the uninstall in the Windows Control Panel doesn't work?

The Windows Installer sometimes gets backed up with deferred updates and stops working correctly. The best thing to try in that case is to shut down Windows (with the option to finish running updates if available) and then start Windows up again.

You also could try using some malware cleaning tools, such as the ones listed in the support article: Troubleshoot Firefox issues caused by malware.

There also are dedicated programs to help with removals, such as Revo, which I haven't tried myself: http://www.revouninstaller.com/.

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You can open the about:config page via the location bar and search for prefs that refer to the outfox-tv website and reset user set (bold) related prefs via the right-click context menu to the default value.

You can open the about:config page via the location bar

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Outfox TV has an uninstall feature in the Program Files folder located in your C:\Program Files\OutfoxTV directory. Simply navigate to that folder and run the uninstall.exe program located there. This process also deletes the files located in the folder. You may need to reset your home page manually, although the uninstaller offers to remove that for you.

In many cases, the Windows uninstall process will not work. And yes, the changing of the home page in Firefox is VERY annoying. It is happening with Outfox TV as of March 31, 2014.

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Outfox was installed on my computer when I recently installed AIM.

I am unable to remove outfox from my computer through add/remove programs, nor can I find any of it's files through searches.

The only thing I've found that may work is to re-install outfox.tv from their website, because they claim the initial launch of their "Add-On" was bugged and thus could not be uninstalled. But, because it's designed to hijack my computer, I'm not entirely sure I trust the folks at outfox to not screw up my computer worse with their fix.

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The Outfox TV application has a full uninstaller inbuilt with the program. In a very small number of instances, we find people are unable to follow the instructions to run the uninstaller, or have a unique situation with their machine that might prevent uninstallation working correctly. Therefore, we have created a standalone uninstaller. This can be downloaded from http://www.outfox.tv/uninstall/.

Running this free remover prevents users from falling for the scams asking for money to help you remove Outfox TV, or having to buy the suggested 'antivirus' solutions that are pointless, being promoted by some suspicious bloggers.

If you have any problems accessing an running the uninstaller, please don't hesitate to email us at support@outfox.tv