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firefox slow upon startup compared to chrome

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I often read google news on my android phone using a webbrowser for this. To get quickly on google news I placed a bookmark link for firefox and for comparison another bookmark link for chrome to open news.google.de on my android start screen.

When I tap on the firefox bookmark it takes about 8 sec until the content is visible. The browsers empty window is visible right away, but until content is visible it takes full 8sec. If I do the very same with the chrome bookmark, chrome starts up and displays the page in about 4sec. If I quit either of the browsers and do the same again the windows are up in 1 sec and showing news.google.de. After a while of doing nothing, say an hour, startup times are again as initially described (8sec, 4sec).

It also does not matter if I first run chrome and then firefox or vice versa, firefox take always much more time to display the initial webpage.

Basically I prefer firefox but since its really slow, for the moment I changed to chrome on android and on my other desktop systems.

I use a samsung galaxy S3 (android 4.3, problem happend in 4.1.2 as well), latest version of firefox from market (stable version) and network access is via WLAN.

Any idea what might cause this startup delay? Thanks Rainer

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Hello Rainer042,

Thanks for contacting Mozilla Support and thank you for reporting this issue. We're aware of the slowness of pageloads on some devices. There's a bug filed here and we have engineers looking at the issue.

I'm sorry this doesn't solve your issue, but keep an eye out for future Firefox for Android versions which should address this problem.

Cheers, Patrick