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I cannot donate to Mozilla

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I tried over half an hour to contribute to Mozilla. But my card is not accepted. I tried both VISA and PayPal option.

I am trying from Singapore. Called my bank, they say there are no attempts to make the transaction and that it is a Merchant problem.

Any solution? I have tried Multi. Error message webpage below.

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Apologize for the inconvenience. Can you please confirm the error message you are seeing? And also, by any chance does this card happen to be a debit card instead of a credit-card? You mentioned that the error message is provided, but that seems to be missing. We definitely want to help you resolve this issue so that you can proceed with the donation.

Thank you

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Yes, it is a debit card. Is it the problem?

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It is likely that the bank is not allowing debit cards for payment online. Some banks don't allow this option. Can you please check with the bank. Also, this link on Paypal seems to suggest that even paypal has issues when trying to use a debit card.

I will try to find more information about payment modes allowed and will respond to you on this. Please be patient while we figure this one out.

Thank you for your patronage of Mozilla foundation.

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Email your Problems to : askjoin@mozilla.org

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I also cannot make a contribution using PayPal.

Tried many times to give to AddBlockPlus.

Connection attempted but unsuccessful, and then AddOn page is unresponsive. AddBlock says nothing on page is being blocked. Never got to any PayPal page.

Any ideas ? I've never used PayPal before but I have an active account.

Thank you.