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This morning when I started my Android tablet all of my bookmarks have vanished, how do I get them back? Why did they disappear?

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Firefox crashed yesterday but restarted alright with bookmarks in place. This morning after a reboot they are completely missing and the Firefox interface is different as well. I used ES File Manager to navigate to the profile folder but do not know how to recover bookmarks in Android. I would also like to understand why this happened to avoid a repeat of the problem.

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Does the tablet need to have an open file system to navigate to this file path? Usually. However the file path was found in this previous question(it may vary with Android version):

Previous Question: Where is the user profile folder located on Mobile Firefox?

I looked for add-ons and Profile Switcher is not supported on 26 for Android, so the manual restoration without a file manager may be difficult.

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Hi SaratogaDreaming,

May I confirm with you if you have seen anything in the profile folder when navigating the Android device with the file manager?