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automatic clear downloads

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Why the download style at firefox 26 are changed?

Some questions:

01. How i can return to old style of downloads?

02. How i can make all the files it downloaded AUTOMATICALLY and instead cleared from download list window? http://postimg.org/image/4tmf23tnj

03. Why every file i download from firefox 26 it has the lock icon? http://s27.postimg.org/ozpx0zpb3/image.png

Both of them DOESN'T happening at firefox 25 and older version.

Изменено Gregory

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Hi JKSVC, do you mean that Firefox keeps the history of your downloads, or Firefox keeps the actual downloaded files? Clearing download history only clears the history, not the files.

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No it doesn't i was choose every time i exit from firefox delete all these cookies e.t.c.

And why don't have a choice to automatically clear any download history as we can until firefox 25.

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Hi Gregory, you wrote:

And why don't have a choice to automatically clear any download history as we can until firefox 25.

I do not know the answer to that question. This is my understanding of the current situation:

  • The "Clear history when Firefox closes" feature can clear all history, including both page history and download history, when you exit Firefox.


  • There is not a built-in feature to automatically clear only downloads out of history.
  • There is not a built-in feature to hide downloads from the download list but leave them in history.
  • There is not a built-in feature to automatically clear downloads from the download list immediately after download, even with the above limitations.

I don't know whether anyone has created add-ons for these features.

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Download history is stored as part of the normal browsing history (visited sites/links) in places.sqlite and a special annotation property identifies such an history item as a download item, so you can't separate them easily.

In places.sqlite, moz_anno_attributes defines those entries as:

17: downloads/destinationFileURI
18: downloads/destinationFileName

You would have to switch to a New Private Window or tab to prevent downloads from getting stored as history.

Future Firefox versions may possibly support Private Browsing per tab, this is currently available as an extension.

You can switch the PB status of a tab via the right-click context menu of each tab.

The Firefox menu button gets a purple background or you get a purple PB mask on the menu bar or tab bar (Linux) when you are in a PB tab and all Private Browsing mode tabs get a dashed underlining unless you are in permanent PB mode.

Изменено cor-el

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No that it isn't a solution

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So what is the conclusion???

That we CANNOT clear the downloaded files from download history library/list.....

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Hi Gregory, downloads are both history entries and download list entries. You can clear download list entries in the Library dialog, and the corresponding history entries also will be cleared. What you can't do is remove them from the downloads list without simultaneously removing them from the history list.

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I simply want to after it completely downloaded any file is deleted instantly from download list and DOESN'T NEED to clear download history manually.

As i can do until the firefox 25.

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Hi Gregory, I think everyone has already said there is currently no built-in feature to clear individual downloads immediately upon successful completion.

To submit feature suggestions, you can use the Input site or you can file a new bug report (or both):

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I must create another acc to this site or i can log in with that acc?

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Hi Gregory, Bugzilla uses a separate login system. If you have a webmail account like Gmail or Yahoo, you can use the "Persona" login (the blue arrow) instead of creating a new account on Bugzilla.

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I believe i create a Bug 958737.

Check it out so if we find out any solution....

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I FIND THE SOLUTION and this is here https://addons.mozilla.org/el/firefox/addon/s3download-statusbar/?src=search simply you must download this plugin and choose to clear all types of downloads at 0 seconds and this is it when any file download is completed this plugin it was clear it from any download database/list

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I have this problem too. Please see my other thread where I explain things (hopefully) more eloquently: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/984735?esab=a&s=&r=0&as=s

My key conclusions, currently, are:

1) You can no longer use the "old style" downloads manager, even with about:config tweaks.

2) You can no longer automatically clear finished downloads, even with about:config tweaks.

3) You can no longer make Firefox store (or clear) download history and browsing history separately.

Basically the browser is becoming crappier and less flexible.

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