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addon to automatically open popup page in firefox Sidebar

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I want to know if there's already an addon that can open popup page in the firefox Sidebar , it's really annoying if i have to open popup in new tab or new windows just to download multiple files, Suppose there's no addon that can behave exactly like what i've mentioned before , can anybody help me with making an extension for that, i already read the beginner tutorial for making extension , i can do javascript , but i may need some guide though

Изменено Mikersky

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Hi Mikersky, Most likely this will be a great question for stackoverflow.com in the [firefox] filter/tag. I would be happy to provide more information to get started.

Summary of structure Entities:

  • install.rdf
  • chrome.manifest
  • chrome\

Reference: https://developer.mozilla.org/docs/Building_an_Extension

Two things to keep around while developing:

  1. JavaScript Debugger
  2. A new profile to debug the extension in, Profile Manager - Create, remove, or switch Firefox profiles