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Strange symbols on settings.adobe site

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Dear Sir or Madam

When I open the website https://settings.adobe.com/flashplayer/mobile/ to costumize the settings of flash player I get some weird symbols but nothing more.

I have tried disabling all addons I have but it didn't work also the theme I am using. Then I reinstalled the flash but still the issue kept continuing. Then I reinstalled the Firefox but still no solution.

I can send a ss related to this issue if needed.

Any help would be appreciated.

Yours sincerely.

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It is a known issue with Firefox for Android and some Flash sites.

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hello cLaymoreTR, yes a screenshot would be helpful - you can attach it from your android device through a reply when you view the page in desktop mode.

however the problem might also be a mere flash issue, since as far as i know the settings page only uses flash to render. in this case you may be out of luck, since adobe has ceased all its development and bug fixing effort for flash on mobile platforms in favour of focusing on HTML5.

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Hello again

The problem is that I used to be able to turn on the settings page on Firefox before. I am a Firefox user for ages and also studying software engineering. But I don't have a clue abt android :(

About the issue again, I can turn the website on without a problem on android's own browser and as I said I used to be able to do that also on Firefox. It is surely related both with firefox and flash since when I tap to play flash scenes like flash based movie players I keep seing boxes instead of letters like it is an unknown language. But not on android's own browser.

Hope the related screenshots will help. Btw I can't upload them here as they are oversized. Here are the links;

http://u1312.hizliresim.com/1j/9/vc6d3.png http://u1312.hizliresim.com/1j/9/vc6pk.png

Thanks a lot for your help.

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Выбранное решение

It is a known issue with Firefox for Android and some Flash sites.

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but it wasn't like that when I firstly installed the flash and configurated for the fist time. I am glad to know if it isn't only me who has this issue. thanks for your reply. :)