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New tab brings up Bing Search, can't get rid of it?

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All of a sudden whenever I click to open a new tab it brings up a bing search instead of the pinned tabs.

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hello kbfoto615, you can either install the searchreset addon to get rid of the problem or manually reset the page that opens on each new tab: enter about:config into the firefox location bar (confirm the info message in case it shows up), search for the preference named browser.newtab.url and double-click & change its value to about:newtab.

if your manual changes don't 'stick' after a restart of the browser, please also look out for any suspicious extensions (like 3rd-party-toolbars or things you have not installed intentionally) presently installed under firefox/tools > addons > extensions or the programs section of the windows control panel and remove those entries.

in case this doesn't solve the issue either, please try this: go to firefox > help > troubleshooting information > profile folder - "show folder", then a new window will open up. in this window look out for a file named user.js (it might be used to overwrite your custom settings). in case it is present , delete or rename this file and restart firefox afterwards.

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go to add-ons search for taps done :D

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You may also wish to try to delete the user.js file which is located in one of the articles philipp listed.

Have you tried IE and checked for the same problem, If IE or another browser has the problem, you may try removing programs from the control panel you have no idea what they are.