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pdf files are downloading and not opening

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Firefox on Android was; when viewing a web page with a link for a PDF would simply prompt you to open with, I select Acrobat and it opens.

Now, the PDF ALWAYS downloads - not acceptable.

This was working as expected just 2 weeks or so ago; what's changed?

PS - I did try the PDF add-on which sort of works, but performance is so bad it is unusable.

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hello PatL1701, the automatic execution of downloaded content was removed because of security concerns: www.androidpolice.com/2013/09/11/security-firefox-for-android-can-be-tricked-into-automatically-downloading-and-executing-malicious-code/

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Thanks Philipp.

I was using FF with a local web site canned on the SD card of my tablet, and it has a lot of PDF collateral for quick viewing when there is no Wi-Fi.

Firefox was the only Android Browser that worked with a local web site fully contained on the SD card or Local storage. Bummer.