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Download 64bit firefox from getfirefox.com

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Why is it still not possible to download the 64bit version of Firefox from getfirefox.com? Everytime a new Firefox comes out I have to search to try to find the FTP archives and download it from there. This is silly. The 64bit versions are readily available from Mozilla itself. See for example:


To make matters worse: The getfirefox.com site doesn't even see that I don't use the latest version. When I go to that site with my 64bit Linux build of Firefox 24, the site happily says I am using the latest version, even though Firefox 25 has been out for some time.

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Hello SanderMarechal, you are correct the 64bit version for linux never show up in getfirefox site or in : http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/all/ only in ftp.

for the ''The getfirefox site doesn't even see that I don't use the latest version" probably is because we are not fully unthrottle Firefox yet.

thank you

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Thanks, but why is the 64bit version missing from the websites? Is it an oversight by the site maintainers? Will it be added? Or is there a specific reason why the 64bit version is not offered?

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To be honest i don't know why 64bit version missing from the website. Definitely it is not oversight by the site maintainers !

see for more info : http://kb.mozillazine.org/64_bit_builds


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According to that MozillaZine article, the Linux 64bit builds are official releases. The Windows 64bit builds are not. So, I would like to see the Linux 64bit builds added to getfirefox.com. Who should I poke to get that done? Who maintains getfirefox.com?

The situation is very annoying for Linux users. Virtually no Linux ships with a 32bit userland by default. So, when people go to getfirefox.com and download firefox, it simply doesn't run. Linux complains that the binary doesn't exist (because the binary is 32bit). First time around it took me an half hour on Google to find out that it was because I was trying to run a 32bit binary on 64bit Linux. The confusion was compounded by the fact that the getfirefox.com website doesn't explictly state that you're downloading the 32bit version. You'd have to check the exact download link to see that.

So, Linux users are stuck either rummaging through the FTP bu hand (which is annoying) or manually installing a 32bit userland on their system (also annoying, a lot of work, and shouldn't be required since Mozilla releases official 64bit builds)

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Mozilla offers only 32 bit Firefox builds via their main pages.
For a 64 bit Linux build you either have to download and install the 64 bit Firefox version from the distribution server or use the repositories of your Linux distribution, but the latter might give you a special branded version with possibly unwanted modifications.

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I know that. But I still do not know why Mozilla only offers 32bit. I would like to know why that decision was made and who I should talk to in order to maybe get it changed.

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There has been 64-bit Linux Release builds of Firefox ever since Fx 4.0 was released March 22nd, 2011 so if they were going to do so it would have likely been done long ago.

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Yes, I have this problem too...

From http://kb.mozillazine.org/64_bit_builds

> You can run a 32 bit version of a Mozilla application using a 64 bit kernel

Is definetely wrong (as stated above by SanderMarechal)

There are even people making money with the confusion you are causing: http://www.firefox64bit.com/

My personal favourite download site is:


to get my german version. But it's sooo hard to find...

Please fix this ;)