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Retrieve finished download from Mega.co.nz

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I recently finished download a video file (.mp4) from mega.co.nz but my PC was accidentally turned off before I save the downloaded file. I found the temporary file location at C:\Users\Darwin\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\hko840ab.default\indexedDB\https+++mega.co.nz\idb\34188204931938871977613.sqlite and a folder with the same size as my download file.

My understanding is that the file is an sqlite database and the file is stored in blob datatype with multiple records. But I don't know how to write the blob records into a mp4 file.

Here are the tables with record(s) I see: CREATE TABLE file (id INTEGER PRIMARY KEY, refcount INTEGER NOT NULL) (1935 records)

CREATE TABLE object_data (id INTEGER PRIMARY KEY, object_store_id INTEGER NOT NULL, key_value BLOB DEFAULT NULL, file_ids TEXT, data BLOB NOT NULL, UNIQUE (object_store_id, key_value), FOREIGN KEY (object_store_id) REFERENCES object_store(id) ON DELETE CASCADE) (1935 records)

CREATE TABLE object_store (id INTEGER PRIMARY KEY, auto_increment INTEGER NOT NULL DEFAULT 0, name TEXT NOT NULL, key_path TEXT, UNIQUE (name)) (1 record)

How do I save it to mp4 format so I can open it? I prefer to do it via firefox browser if it is possible.

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Or could you just find it in the history and find the download link again.