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firefox 24 crashes

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Comment by a forum moderator.

Anyone with Norton software

Please also see these posts by CheckMate lower down in this thread:

I updated to Firefox 24.0 today (on a Windows 7 64-bit system) and since then I have had program crashes about every 2 to 15 minutes apart. Disabling hardware acceleration did not work. Firefox did not crash when I tried it in safe mode, but since I'm not sure what's triggering the crashes, I am still not sure if this is an extension problem. I have two crash reports: bp-40c597f4-aec4-47a0-92dd-14f382130918 and bp-abbbabef-0535-405b-8b30-0a5642130918. Can someone look at these and post a reply?

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Hi dsherman99 - I'm using the newer version of the Toolbar, the 2014. 5.1.4 but there were patches for previous versions, for Firefox 24 so I don't don't think the version you're using is any special problem. I haven't had any crashes since disabling the Toolbar for a couple of days and re enabling it as a test brings back the crashes, which proves it's the Toolbar that's the cause and others are reporting that on the Norton Forum. See my related updates from Norton on this issue. Their Developers are testing a fix right now and I'm assuming the fix will be for other patches as well, but I'll keep you posted.


For anybody experiencing crashes and also using the Norton Toolbar, the workaround is to disable the Toolbar until we get the update to fix this issue.

 To Disable the Norton Toolbar:
     1. At the top of the Firefox window, click on the Firefox  button, and then click       
Add-ons. The Add-ond Manager tab will open.
     2. In the Add-ons Manager tab, select the Extensions panel.
     3. Locate the Norton Toolbar extension and click its Disable button.
     4. Click Restart now if it pops up. Your tabs will be saved and restored after the 
UPDATE: The patch for the crash problem has been released as a Live Update for Norton v21 and v20 products for the crash problem with Firefox 24. See my the link here and more info in my related post - click on the link for that update.


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Interesting. It wouldn't be the first time that a Windows update fouled up the works. But when I disabled the Norton toolbar I have had no problems with FF 24.0

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Hi dsherman99 and everybody else,

The Norton patch for the crash problem has been released as a LiveUpdate, for Toolbar 2014.5.1.4, and is also now available for 2013.4.3.4.




To Get the Patch:

1. Click on Norton to open it .

2. Run LiveUpdate until you see the instruction for installing the patch.

3. Click Apply to install it. If Firefox is open it will ask you to close it.

4.Restart Firefox.

Re enable the Toolbar if you've disabled it. 
      1. Click on the Firefox button
       2.Click on Add-ons to open the Add-ons folder.
       3. Locate and click on the  Extensions panel.  On the right it will say "Enable" if it's disabled. Click to make it read "Disable", which means it's Enabled
       4.Restart Firefox if asked

Изменено CheckMate

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My Firefox 24 CONSTANTLY crashes, other versions have worked fine. Not ONE thing suggested on here helps. I do not have Norton, I have disabled all add-ons, even uninstalled Flash Player, uninstalled Java, reinstalled Java, disabled Java...... turned off all anti-virus, have done anti-virus/anti-malware scans by Spybot, Hijack This (Trend Micro), Avira, Malwarebytes..... and have come to the conclusion that since so many other people are experiencing the EXACT same thing..... that it's just crap Firefox software.

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Hi Musicman625, sometimes it's a problem in Firefox, but more often it's an add-on or other factor. Hopefully we can get to the bottom of it for you.

When Firefox crashes, it records data that may be helpful in solving this problem. The following article describes how to submit crash data to Mozilla and get corresponding crash IDs that you can post here for review: Troubleshoot Firefox crashes (closing or quitting unexpectedly) (section entitled "Get help fixing this crash").

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A fairly short time after I disabled my Norton toolbar (which fixed the FF 24 problem) I reinstated the Norton toolbar and FF 24 has yet to crash as of this date.

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I have submitted every crash report with my e-mail address. As I said in my post, I disabled all add-ons, even uninstalled Java and Flash Player, reinstalled Firefox (at least twice). I shut down all anti-virus. Even uninstalled them to make sure there was nothing in the background. I do not have Norton. The ONLY thing that has changed when this started happeneing was that I upgraded to Firefox 24. My computer was fine until then.

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Hi Musicman625, if you want support volunteers to look at your reports, you'll need to post some IDs here. There's no way for us to look them up without them.

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Hi All, I don't think that this is Norton related as I have my toolbar disabled and still this problem shows. I think it's got to do with Firefox 24 update as earlier it used to work fine. It's just after I updated to firefox 24 that am getting this issue.

Изменено jagori566

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Hi jagori566, if you use LiveUpdate regularly, then you probably already have the updates to your Norton software that you need to solve the problem with the Norton add-ons. You could run it again just in case.

If you still have crashes, could you start a new question with your system details and some recent crash IDs? See:

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I have having a horrific time with Firefox 24 crashing. I have run many anti-virus, tried suggestions on here. Then I decided to run the ADS Spy tool in the Misc. Tools that come with Hijack This from Trend Micro.

The results showed four supposed "Microsoft" folders, that were odd. I am familiar with Microsoft folder types but these were very odd, not only because of where they were, but also because when I tried to find them in the detected location, they were not there!! And I DO have "Show Hidden Files and Folders" enabled.

I looked all over for the folders, inside EVERY other Microsoft folder in "Applications", both in the "All Users" and the personalized one that is also found there as well as in Local Settings. They weren't there either. They were detected as being in: Docs and Settings > Local Users > Applications > Microsoft then named as, (not exact names, I forgot to write them out but these are representative of those names):

  • yv9d0fkyxb4e
  • vq5stu20izqm
  • u3vxf7d5wrk8
  • qo0c6ep2vvi1

These are usually the kinds of names tagging viruses/trojans. And I keep close tabs on what is inside folders, I've learned over time to do that, not just rely on antivirus software. It has paid off more than a few times. But these kind of names are usually found as some kind of text files if it's a virus. And I KNOW that they were not there before. I had run ADS Spy about two weeks earlier. With names like that I would have seen them as obviously suspicious.

So.... I deleted them from Hijack This when they were found in a second scan for ADS Spy entries, and once again I could not find them anywhere.

Since then my computer has been working perfectly as has Flash Player and Windows Media Player. Not one crash or glitch and I am on my computer all day and night until bed.

Изменено VinylGuy

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Try uninstalling .NET Framework 3.5 entirely.


Reinstall .NET Framework 3.5 and updates

Solved the problem of both Internet Explorer AND Firefox 24 constantly crashing. Learned about the problem from a neighbor's son who is a Tech. It worked.

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