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how to check my e-mail on my gmail

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can I check my gmail off another phone

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Are you saying that you have Android device #1 set up with Gmail account #1, and you want to check email in Gmail account #1 on Android device #2?

You can add a second account to the Gmail app on Android device #2, but this could mix up your mail...

Did you try using a browser to check Gmail on your phone (go to gmail.com and you should be redirected to Google login)? If they have a mobile-optimized mail site, it might not be too bad...

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How do Gmail work together with thunderbird?

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Hi wenc.troll, Thunderbird is a general purpose email program that can show mail from many different services, including Google's Gmail service.

I'm not sure if you are asking how to set up Gmail in Thunderbird, or have a more general question. Usually email services will provide instructions on how to connect your email software, using either the IMAP protocol or the POP3 protocol. There are pros and cons to the different methods, but before typing out several paragraphs, could you clarify your question?