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Firefox won't ask to save tabs on quit.

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Whenever I close Firefox, I'm not given the dialogue to save my tabs. I've tried opening about:config and setting browser.showQuitWarning to true, and it still isn't working.

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hello SGainor, firefox should save your tabs automatically whenever you close the session.

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Hello, if you set to show windows and tabs from last session in Firefox button > options > options > general > startup > When Firefox starts > Show my windows and tabs from last time, then the warning not shown , because tabs/windows will be restored at startup anyway.

thank you

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The asking was an old feature. Now they are normally saved anyhow.

You wil be able to get them by using the startup option ideato describes. You my also look in your History. You should have a restore previous session unless it has already been used.

If you wish to save information do not use Private Browsing,or options to delete History.

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It's really inconsistent though. Sometimes it saves them, and other times, I just get my homepage tabs.

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Make sure that Firefox closes properly.

  • Use "Firefox > Exit" (Windows: Firefox/File > Exit; Mac: Firefox > Quit Firefox; Linux: Firefox/File > Quit) to close Firefox if you are currently doing that by clicking the close X on the Firefox title bar.

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