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I want to change the "blinking solid line cursor" to something that is easier to see when typing in a url or like on this line where I type this question.

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I want to change the "solid straight blinking line"....to something easier to see. It is really hard to see it especially in the box where one types in a URL. Thanks

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You can widen the "I-beam" cursor but if I recall correctly, the thicker it gets the more it will overlap the text to some extent so that can sometimes affect readability.

The following thread has the "under the hood" settings for this: Size of the text cursor (insertion point)?

Can you get a display that you like?

Edit: The problem I remembered was when the blinking was turned off. See i need smth like `ui.caretInvert: true`.

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See also:

See this file for a list of available "ui" prefs:

  • ui.caretVisibleWithSelection
  • ui.caretWidth (int)
  • ui.caretBlinkTime (milliseconds;use 0 to disable blink)

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