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I can't change my home page. Articles don't help.

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I have attempted to change my home page and have been unable to. I've gone through the articles and nothing seems to answer the problem. I use Trend Micro.

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I note in your system information you have or had searchqu

Install and use the Search Reset addon

Note it installs runs and uninstalls itself

The reset may not work permanently if you still have unwanted software on the machine.

Please take care installing and downloading software. Always try to research the software and download site and very carefully watch for unwanted bundled software being offered.

Please post back with how you get on.

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If you do not keep changes after a restart or otherwise have problems with preferences, see:

What does the Status field show on the about:config page for those two prefs?

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It is also possible that there is an user.js in your profile folder. 1. Close firefox 2. Create a copy of user.js file. 3. Open in a text editor, you will see the line that corresponds to the homepage url that you cannot change. 4. Delete that line. 5. Start firefox and see if there's anything broken. If there is, close firefox and restore your backup.

This is what I did when I installed hotspot shield and I can't set my homepage to my custom page.


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You might want to just delete the whole user.js file, the searchqu program likely made other changes to the configuration.