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Why does Firefox take so long time to launch?

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I'm using Firefox Android v23 now, but this problem has existed since it first came out. I found that when I click a link in another application, say email, it takes roughly 20 seconds to fully load a page. When I repeat the process using other explorers (Chrome and Dolphin), it takes less than 10 seconds. From my observation, when I open a link with firefox, it takes a lot of time for the firefox frontpage (showing most frequently visited sites) to get ready. Only after the frontpage becomes ready will firefox starts to load the page, and hence the slowness. Any solution?

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Many site issues can be caused by corrupt cookies or cache. In order to try to fix these problems, the first step is to clear both cookies and the cache. The Firefox cache temporarily stores images, scripts, and other parts of websites while you are browsing.
Note: This will temporarily log you out of all sites you're logged in to. To clear cache and cookies, do the following:

  1. Tap the menu icon located at the top right corner. This is the icon with 3 bars. On older Android devices you'll have to press the hardware menu key and then tap More.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. After that, you will be taken to the settings screen. In the settings screen, look under the section Privacy & Security and select Clear private data.
  4. You will then be taken to a list of what can be cleared. Select the following 2 for deletion:
    • Cookies & active logins
    • Cache
  5. After those have been selected, tap the Clear data button to actually clear the cache and cookies.

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Can you reproduce the problem on Firefox nightly.

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Clearing the cache and cookies seemed to help a bit, or it's just that i'm in a location with better internet signal strength. Chrome / Dolphin / Samsung stock explorer: about 3 seconds; Firefox: about 13 seconds

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I am also having the same issue and my chrome only takes about 2-3 seconds to load. any help I really want firefox rather than chrome.

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saurabh.gohil: please open a new question for your issue at /questions/new.