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Firefox doesn't recognize FLASH after update, no matter what. Also says to update plugins but there are none to update listed?

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I have downloaded & re-downloaded FLASH, but after I updated my Firefox to 22.0 it no longer recognizes FLASH is installed on my computer. It also keep telling me "Some plugins required by this page have been blocked for your protection." When I check the plugins, the 3 listed are up to date, and the other 3 are marked "research" - which doesn't allow you to update them. I cannot discern that any of those are what is being blocked. When I click on Details, it brings me to a list of "Modules bloqués" and it's all listed in French...which would be great if spoke French or lived in France, but alas California is in the USA. My Java is updated, enabled & not blocked in any way. My Shockwave Flash is disabled & it will not give me the option to Enable it; I also cannot find a way to reinstall it or find a plugin to help me. !@#$%! So frustrating that this new "update" is useless. I hate 22.0.

What do I do now?

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Your System Details List shows that some plugins are blocklisted and Flash is included:

  1. plugin.blocklisted.flash: True
  2. plugin.blocklisted.java: True
  3. plugin.blocklisted.nppdf: True

Which version of the Flash plugin do you have installed if you check that in Firefox/Tools > Add-ons > > Plugins?

You will have to update Flash to make it work.

You can find the latest Flash player versions for Firefox on this page.

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It could be that you need Adobe Shockwave installed. I got the same message and when I installed shockwave it fixed it. Go to www.adobe.com and download it.

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