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Make local copy for any submit form data provided prior to send/submit

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Dear Sir/Madam,

I am trying to achieve a behaviour of firefox 22 under Ubuntu 13.04 Linux that has to do with forms/submit.

The result I want to achieve is to have a copy filed for each registration form, personal information provided like job application forms done on websites with multi step submit/apply button at the end. The copy "bill" I am after would simply be adding on a scroll the screenshot for the webpage(including scrolling areas) to a localcopy.

The idea is to look for words like "register", "Address" "Job", "Application" on the page where a form/submit has been detected and simply compound save all displayed steps with data inserted by me.

For me a lot of this makes sense since prior to for example sending mails or letters by post I file a local copy for my reference ect. This would be an electronic equivelent of it.Saving tremendous energy and time compared to manually saving each step and then looking for a way to name/organise and "collage" all the bits into one receit/bill/scroll.

How can I modify or achieve this behaviour on Firefox 22 under Ubuntu? I have installed addons like InFormEnter, SessionManager iMacros Lastpass... an arrow/menu started similar to InFormEnter near a submit button as a method to confirm a loacl copy prior to sending would be ideal.

Sincerely yours, Nikita K. Tsarov

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I have used the UnMHT add-on to save completed web forms prior to submitting those forms, so I would have a record of that data for my records.

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Thanks for the suggestion the-edmeister.

I will investigate the UnMHT addon although I was thinking of a more automated apporach.

Regards, Nikita K.Tsarov

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UnMHT is OK but it doesnt work well when used with the HP chat support window... Here is an attempt to explain what I am trying to get at


Feel free to add any comments tips directions...