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Why did they take away the "Open In New Tab"option in Top Sites, Bookmarks, and History?

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Why did they take away the "Open In New Tab"option in Top Sites, Bookmarks, and History? This very annoying.

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Seriously - what could they have possibly been thinking? Mozilla, please tell us this was some kind of mistake. Accessing our bookmarks in FF-mobile is just plain bad as a user experience. And now without "Open In New Tab" we are supposed to drill down to our bookmarks for every tab we want to open? FF-mobile is almost useless without "Open In New Tab". Please restore "Open In New Tab" for bookmarks, thanks.

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Hi whyNoBookmarks. You can see in the above document that there is already a way to open a link in a new tab.

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The page you linked to does not address the OP issue. The "Open In New Tab" option has been removed from FF mobile for no apparent reason.

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Bookmarks - not links. This thread is about opening bookmarks in tabs.

To be clear: We need to open previously saved bookmarks in tabs. That feature was great - you simply longpressed on a bookmark and were presented with an option to "Open In New Tab". That feature is no longer available in FF-mobile for some reason.

Изменено whyNoBookmarks

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hi scottmarsh:

I don't know why the feature was taken out but it was re-added back to FF23 for Android in this bug:


So you can either try out this feature in Firefox 23 for Android BETA - which is available now


you can wait until Firefox 23 for Android gets released on August 6, 2013