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How do I move all my Firefox settings to a new computer.

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My old pc is not working but I have the hard drive and access to all my files. all I am trying to do is move all my settings for Firefox...bookmarks, passwords and settings, to my new machine. I cannot do the sync, I cannot do a backup and restore as my old machine is not working....just want to move the appropriate files. I have moved my old profile to my new desktop. Running Windows 7 on old and new. Thanks!

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Thanks but I have read that page. That page gives specfics about certain files to copy... When I installed Firefox on my new machine, it actually had one option to import settings from IE. But not firefox? My problem is not unique as I purchased a new computer, and am simply trying to migrate all the info to the new one. I know from the questions on this support site that this happens every day.... the page you referenced has things like:

"Create a new Firefox profile For information on how to create a brand new Firefox profile, please read the Use the Profile Manager to create and remove Firefox profiles article, paying specific attention to the Creating a profile section. "

If I was trying to create a "brand new profile" that would be helpful...but my issue is to move everything to the new pc. (the old pc no longer works so I cannot do a back up and restore...or a sync) The page you reference gives specifics on about 15 different things...do I need to do each one? for example...do I need to "create a new profile"?

Thanks for any help....this is really frustrating...I moved Thunderbird over and all the settings in about 10 minutes...just can't seem to find the solution here for Firefox.

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Yes make a new profile, just moving the whole profile folder may not work.

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OK...will try. Thank you!

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Many thanks to you!!! This worked. I had to read the instructions on that page several times over...but basically if a anyone has the same issue, it is simply identifying the location of the old profile and opening that folder and opening the profile folder on the new computer...then simply replacing "some" of the files from the old to the new. The instructions can be found here https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/Recovering%20important%20data%20from%20an%20old%20profile