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Can't copy and paste from Firefox 22.0 anymore other than ctrl c & v

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Normally I would select/wrap text in Firefox and right click and choose copy from the top of menu, click and go to Word,Notepad etc. and go to paste but nothing there paste item in menu greyed out.

It works ok ctrl v and c but is frustrating because the built-in function is so much cleaner

  • UPDATE - Downloaded Firefox 23.0 Beta1 - problem is gone - works again - Thanks all!!
Normally I would select/wrap text in Firefox and right click and choose copy from the top of menu, click and go to Word,Notepad etc. and go to paste but nothing there paste item in menu greyed out. It works ok ctrl v and c but is frustrating because the built-in function is so much cleaner *UPDATE - Downloaded Firefox 23.0 Beta1 - problem is gone - works again - Thanks all!!

Изменено jimmy-d

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The developers have created a fix for this problem for future versions of Firefox (Firefox 23+). Unfortunately, there's no immediate solution for Firefox 22.

The current beta of Firefox 23 does not yet contain the fix. It is included in beta 6, but that is not yet available through the "all beta" page.

Update: The main beta page now offers beta "8" which has the fix. The file you download should have 23.0b8 in the file name.

Note: Firefox 23 is scheduled for release on August 6th, but it isn't pushed out to everyone all at once. You might need to visit the main install page to get it if your Firefox doesn't detect the new version on the 6th or 7th.

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I've also got this problem and don't have ZoneAlarm installed and never have.

I just use the Windows Defender and Windows Firewall that is built-in to Windows 8.

Изменено Dypsis

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Thanks for the feedback! Where does one find the install kits for the previous versions?

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Hi jaeckert, what do you mean by "install kits"? This article describes how to get an installer for a previous version of Firefox: Install an older version of Firefox. If you run Windows or Mac, it's just one file; no kit to assemble.

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Same problem occured with me first at work and then at home. I've been using Firefox for years and this might be even more annoying than crashing of Firefox, as it is not happening every time.

Somebody wrote that viewing the source and copying from there works. I've used the same trick few times.

From now on I will always wait until some other poor fellows will test the new version before installing it.

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Hi Dypsis, another user who never used ZoneAlarm reported that running the ZA uninstaller solved the problem for her (it was in the bug report in Bugzilla). You could try it if you like. There's a link to the uninstaller in this thread on the ZA forums: Can't Uninstall ZoneAlarm (manual procedure).

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@jaeckert: You can find the previous versions in the firefox ftp archive: http://download-origin.cdn.mozilla.net/pub/firefox/releases/

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Hi jscher2000.

That is an interesting revelation. I might try it.

Do you have a link to the Bugzilla post where it states that?

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Hi Dypsis, it's this comment: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=883554#c27 (and number 31 confirming).

Изменено jscher2000 - Support Volunteer

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Thanks jscher2000.

It seems that user wasn't quite sure what they had previously installed. I built my own system and know the history of it. I have never had any third party firewall or anti-virus installed on it.

But I still might give it a try.

Your support is appreciated.

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@jscher2000, @himox - Thank you!

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I exited my Trend Titanium Internet Security and still couldn't right click copy and paste. I exited my Zone Alarm and now I can right click copy and paste. I restarted Trend and I still could copy and paste. So it must be a Zone Alarm issue.

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Hi Guys,

Very often my ctrl-c isn't working. Rrreally annoying.

So, you recommend me to switch back to v.21 right? Will it then automatically adopt settings/favorites, whatever, from v22?

Thanks =

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Hi ffw62, the copy problem appears to be a conflict with ZoneAlarm. If you do not run ZoneAlarm, then we should investigate your configuration further.

Currently, the safer workaround is to install Firefox 23 beta 6 rather than using Firefox 21. This hasn't been updated to the beta site yet, but if you can't wait, you can get the download under your choice of language here: 23.0b6 for Windows on releases server.

Before switching to beta (or downgrading, if you were to do that), it's a good idea to make an extra backup of your Firefox settings -- your Firefox profile folder. This article has some tips on that: Back up and restore information in Firefox profiles.

Изменено jscher2000 - Support Volunteer

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@jscher2000 - the copy problem is not strictly a Zone Alarm issue, as I have been experiencing the problem and Zone Alarm has never been installed on this system.

That said, the copy problem was obviously triggered by something outside the browser, as it has more-or-less disappeared since I first reported it. At this point I have no idea what the trigger was, as the problem persisted across several browser restarts and system reboots. There was no obvious change to the system before it (mostly) resolved.

Now, if I can just get Firefox to stop crashing 3-5 times a day...

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Hi jaeckert, it's probably a good idea to start a new thread about the crashes. You can post the IDs to help volunteers zero in on potential causes and fixes. The below article describes how to access those:

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@jscher2000 Sorry for the delay. Many thanks for the feedback. I am not sure if it is limited to Zone Alarm. I am using Kaspersky Internet Security 2013. Very often ctrl-c does not work. But sometimes, all of a sudden it works. e.g. when I select text from this page, it works nicely.

However, it might well be I need to ctrl-c a dozen times and at last use the context menu 'Copy'. Sometimes, the context menu "Copy" works, whilst ctrl-c does not (even after re-selecting and again re-selecting the text),

It is rrrealy very annoying and timeconsuming.

When will the final v23 be available? As for backup: I use MozBackup 1.5.1 - guess that is fine as well?

Thanks again.

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Hi Everyone,

I`ve had the same problem. I couldn`t copy/paste, especially from javascript. I tried a few resolutions which where provided by other users but those where not good enough for me. I was trying for example: - 23 beta version - reinstall firefox at all - reinstall java, update java - reinstall flash plugin, update it - shut off plugins and other stuff under firefox and a few others. None of this had hepled me.

But i found one response, where someone accidentally removed Zone Alarm Personal Firewall, and It did help to that person. I tried that. I removed that application and I succeeded :) Now copy/paste is working perfectly. Try that :)

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But eh .. with v21, did you encounter the same issues, together with Zone Alarm? If you didnot, then this is typically a FF issue. In my case, I would then need to disable Kaspersky firewall.

You and I and others who might wish to disable the firewall, will then actually run a higher risk, just because of Firefox. right?


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Hi ffw62, Firefox 23 is scheduled to release on August 6th. This morning, the main beta page pushed me the installer for beta 7 (you will see b7 in the file name), which should contain the fix. (The page that lists all the languages has links to beta 5. I don't know why these aren't synchronized.)

Regarding whether to use the ZA firewall, I think it has more features than the native Windows firewall, but I haven't compared for a long time. I haven't seen any reports that there is a problem with the Kaspersky firewall.

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Yes! Beta 7 works for me... copy and paste just like old times!

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