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Sync does not not sync any data to Android device

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I have moved to Firefox from Chrome and have setup sync on my desktop and laptop machines (running a variety of Linux & WIndows) and these work and sync fine between each other. However no I am trying to set up sync on Firefox for Android, the sync will set up fine but not a single thing is synced. Nothing. I have re-installed firefox multiple times but no luck still. Sync is by far the most important feature for me and I need it to just work.

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We are experiencing a server overload, we are trying to fix this issue but please continue to try syncing as it should eventually.

Thank you and sorry for any inconvenience.

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It doesn't work (I waited days). Sync is the only reason I installed it on my Samsung GS4. Uninstalled :(

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Are there still issues as I'm still getting no sync to my android device? I remember Firefox having these issues a lot in the early days of its sync service, are they really so common still?

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I think I have the same issue.

I cannot send Android pages to my desktop and I cannot see my Android tabs from my desktop (but I can see tabs of my other desktop device). I'm new to this sync tool so I'm not sure how it should work exactly but is looks like there is something wrong at the moment.

Should I just wait ?

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Last night I added an additional laptop to my Sync account and the bookmarks, history etc synced perfectly to it. However the data still refuses to sync to my Android device. That sound slike an issue with the Firefox for Andoird app rather than the sync service itself to me.

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NEW POST: My sync is working again after about one week of not working, jubbiii...

OLD POST: My sync PC to android was working great until about early June, then it stopped working.

I am having the same syncing problem with my android galaxy 2.

my laptop is syncing ok with my PC, but not my android phone.

It's Firefox for android that has a problem. I hope they will resolve it soon.

I started to use doplhin browser to sync my bookmarks for the first time yesterday out of desperation and I have to admit the dolphin connect works really great.

I might even stay with doplhin becasue I also installed "dolphin jetpack" on my android phone and boy is that some fast browsing!!!!! so much faster than firefox mobile!!!!!!!!

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I'm using the latest version of Firefox and have read the published instructions to sync and pair my PC with my Android, but the instructions need to updated to mirror the actual tabs that exist. Some of you are able to make this connection, but I seem doomed from ever making the two devices work together. Whenever anyone figures this out and makes it as simple as operating a typewriter, please let me know.

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I have tried for the umpteenth time to set up Sync and I really want it to work!!

I have again managed to set it up between my desktop and laptop and it now works but getting there is just too tough for normal folks?

I had to reset the sync account, clear my pre-exisitng sync data, pair the laptop numerous times, keep on putting back the Sync settings to reflect my preferences etc. etc.

I have low confidence that it will continue to work!

I also want to add my Android device but I have never gotten that to work in over 18 months of trying!

Some feedback / suggestions to you developers:

  • I think that the Sync process needs an end to end rethink to make it robust and resilliant - the core seems to work but ...
  • Some of the Sync screens / daialogs need an overhaul to make them more robust, relevant and intuitive for normal folks
  • Pairing a device is too hit and miss. It only seems to work when you go back to a clean start
  • List my paired devices - they never show up
  • Add in more real time feedback to the user to show where the Sync process is and what is happening at all stages
  • Fix it so that Android devices can actually co-exist with a desktop and laptop (all running v23.0.1 by the way)
  • Remember my Sync preferences and (e.g. only Bookmarks / Preferences / History) and use this accross devices (user setting?)

Come on Mozilla - please!

Изменено Bandolier

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Please do note that sync was worked on/off last week.