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is there firefox 64 bit for windows 7 64 bit?

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I was hoping there is a 64 bit version that runs with windows 7 64 bit. Please let me know as both of the pc's in my house run 64 bit win 7 and firefox version 20 32 bit. Thank you.

I was hoping there is a 64 bit version that runs with windows 7 64 bit. Please let me know as both of the pc's in my house run 64 bit win 7 and firefox version 20 32 bit. Thank you.

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Hi Jimjams503

We don't have separate versions for 64bit, the current version of Firefox works fine both on 64 and 32 bit.

Mozilla does not make a 64-bit version for Win64 specifically. They do make 64-bit versions for Linux and Mac OSX (combined dmg download).

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Yep :) Firefox works fine on both 32bit and 64 bit, so no need to worry :)

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Just saying don't worry is not a good answer...we know it works, buit does it take advantage of the 64 bit OS like a 64 bit application would or is it just a 32 bit application running on the WOW64 app in windows? Why isan't there a 64 bit version?

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First, there isn't much "taking advantage" of a 64bit OS. The only thing that having Firefox run natively in 64bit will do is allow it to use more than 4GB of RAM. Firefox almost never ever gets that high anyway. Other than that, there is no real improvement (64bit doesn't magically make things faster). There are bigger and more important projects (like actually making Firefox faster) that have priority over 64bit Firefox, so it just got kicked down the priority list.

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Hello Jimjams503,

Try clearing your Java cache, and History.

If you're not sure how to do that go here. --> I'm a Link.

If you still have problems, and are running a 64 bit processor you may want to install Waterfox instead of Firefox. If you do install Waterfox, you should update your plugins on the Waterfox Download page below.

Waterfox Support/Forum


Waterfox Download




Waterfox is an unofficial version of Firefox, please use at your own risk.

Copyright © Waterfox. Mozilla®, mozilla.org®, Firefox®, Thunderbird®, Bugzilla™, Camino®, Sunbird®, SeaMonkey®, and XUL™, as well as the Mozilla logo, Firefox logo, Thunderbird logo and the red lizard logo are all trademarks of the Mozilla Foundation. Logo by Miloš Mirković

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We hear this nonsense about other high priority projects for a long time already. It's totally unacceptable. Why would 64-bit Firefox for Linux be a worthier project than one for Windows? Which OS is used by more people?

First they were saying that there are no 64-bit plugins, which only invited a question "what good is your product if it's not working without somebody else making a plugin".

Now they are saying that Firefox for Android has higher priority. Personally, I use an Android phone and I have no idea why would I want to install Firefox on it. The native browser does the job just fine on the rare occasion that I actually use the browser on the phone.

I guess the problem is that Firefox (as well as all other browsers) is a mature product. All further advances are hard to explain to end users. I do use 32-bit Firefox on a 32-bit machine, it gets updated regularly, and I don't see any noticeable difference. I use various 64-bit flavors on 64-bit machines, they are also getting updated every once in a while, and again, I don't see any noticeable improvement. Some changes I would be happier without, for example that stupid green arrow that is supposed to do what, remind me that I'm downloading something? Most downloads take few seconds, do you really think I'd forget about them?

Finally, yes, there are 64-bit versions of Firefox. Mozilla itself makes 64-bit Nightly. Yes, they say it's experimental and stuff, but it works just fine for me, its as stable as the "official" version and you can turn off regular nightly updates as well. If you want a supported version (although I hardly find a support for a browser necessary), you can use either Waterfox or Pale Moon. I use the latter.

Overall, there seems to be very little difference between all of them, at least as far as the real-life, every-day user experience is concerned. So yes, one can use the 32-bit version on a 64-bit machine. However, it just does not make sense to me.

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Hi unifex_, you can use Help > Submit Feedback to give input on wishes for future versions more directly to Mozilla. Threads here on support focus primarily on solutions or workarounds available today. Since you are aware of two 64-bit builds of the Firefox code base, I think you're covered for now.

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This thread has turned away from the original question (is there 64bit Firefox for windows) and has been answered (No, and there are no plans in the near future for it). I'm going to lock this thread.

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Also, one last post to clear misconceptions for future readers. Despite what unifex_ said, Waterfox and Pale Moon are NOT supported and have many known bugs and issues. They are no developed by Mozilla or endorsed by Mozilla, but are made by unaffiliated third-parties. Also, the teams working on Firefox for Desktop and Firefox for Android are separate, one having priority over the other doesn't exist, they run off of separate goals.