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How do I get my passwords to sync over devices

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I recently got a new laptop and learned about the sync feature on firefox. I have tried multiple times to sync all of my passwords from my old laptop to my new one. Is there a foolproof way to make sure they actually do transfer to the new laptop?

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I assume you have configured sync on all devices so that passwords will get synced (see article How to setup sync ).

From this moment on, the only thing required as far as my experience goes is to let sync work it out by itself, i.e. automatically in the background. To be sure, you can execute the entry Sync Now in the Tools menu Tools.

Note that you need the internet access and that - if the connection is slow or intermittent - the synchronization may have problems. The process in the background, however, will wake up on a regular basis to see if there's anything to be done.

Hint: If you drag the sync icon to the add-ons toolbar, you can hover over it and see when the latest synchronisation has been done,

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Thank you! both of your comments helped, and the laptops synced properly this time

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Also make sure to use a Master Password on all computers.