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where is sync button on homepage?

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too much verbiage. no articles please. just a picture with an arrow.

where is the sync button on the homepage of firefox android?

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IF you are wanting to add your android device to your sync list, here ya go.

  1. Tap the Set up Firefox Sync button on the Firefox Start page.
  2. Tap the "Advanced setup..." link.
  3. Next, enter your Account Name (email address), Password, Recovery Key and tap Connect.
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I do not get a home page that looks like what you have in the 'helpful response picture'.

I do not get to sync by tapping 'about'

I do not have 'main menu' anywhere on the homepage that shows up on my samsung tablet.

I can get many pictures of the same homepage that you are showing me pictures of , but I can't actually get to a homepage that looks like the picture.

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The page being shown is the "Firefox default start page or Firefox for android start page. Nothing special, screenshot what you have & attach to this post

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I tried with a scan and tried with a screenshot, got error messages for uploading images both times.

On a white screen, I get a small navy blue box that says "Firefox" in white and then "Start" in light blue. then there is a bigger white box with black outline,

First line says Google Second line has a search field and next to it in small lettering a link for advanced seach, and a link for preferences. Third line says Google Search in black lettering on gray ground.

Below the bottom of that box in small lettering I have two live links: About Mozilla and Firefox support.

In the upper rh corner of the bigger box and the smaller navy ground box there is the firefox logo globe.

That's all.

When I press about mozilla I get to a page with a lot of pictures of people and an invitation to get to know mozilla.

lots of links below that invitation but none of them say sync either.

I have explored every possible option and all I get is articles no actual live link to set up a sync with my desktop.

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To open Sync

  • Open Firefox
  • Press the Android menu button or the Firefox 3 dot button in the upper right
  • Choose settings from the menu (you might need to tap the More button to show Settings)
  • In the Settings the second item in the General heading will be Sync
  • Tap on Sync
  • This should bring you to the pairing window
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Thank You!

On this tablet, the settings are called 'personal' not 'general', but very helpful, thanks very much.

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Showed sync of all my email accounts and google but no choice to sync firefox bookmarks with my desktop computer.