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Google search window:characters do not automatically appear when entered. Must point and click each time to activate. I DO NOT USE GOOGLE INSTANT

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I use google powered by firefox. I do not use Google instant. When the search box is opened there is the blinking cursor. No letters enter when I type. I must move the computer cursor, point, click to activate typing entries. The search box cursor seems to "deactivate" everytimne the Firefox window/google is closed and I start another search Each time I must point, click on the cursor in search box to activate the actual entry of the word/s Annoying waste of time.

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What is the URL of the page you're using?

Is it the only window open at the time this happens?

I ask these questions based on the possibility this is related to a glitch where launching the Flash player causes the current Firefox window to lose focus. If there are other Firefox windows, the previous window may show. If there are no other Firefox windows, the focus may simply return to Windows. More info in this thread: Opening New Windows and Shockwave Flash.