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sorting bookmarks saved in .html

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I have my bookmarks saved as a file (.html). I know how to import bookmarks and do the sorting that firefox has. But, I want my saved bookmarks (.html) file to be sorted. Is there any way to sort my saved bookmarks? Someone mentioned bookmarklet in another post, but I haven't been able to do that, any details?

I can copy the contents of the .html file and open it in word (very easy to edit in word), but the problem is to open a link I'll have to hold the command key on my mac every time. Unless there is a way to edit the order in word than change the format from word to .html?

Basically want (1) a way to sort my bookmarks into categories and in order and (2) a way to click on a bookmark and load the page (like .html does, without holding the command key using word)

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For anyone reading, there's some history in this thread: combining bookmarks .html files, and sorting.

Let me address the Word-as-editor angle.

First, there's a good chance it's a one-way trip. Editing HTML in Word typically changes the underlying tags in a way that would prevent you from re-importing the file. However, you could use it has a home page or load it in the sidebar and use it that way even with Word's special formatting.

Second, Word (at least on Windows) allows you to choose whether you need to hold the Ctrl/Command key or not. This is the default because you might accidentally click a lot of links otherwise. But you can change it in the Word Options > Advanced. (See screen shot attached.)

Returning to the sorting question, why is it easier to work with the HTML file directly than to work with the Firefox Library dialog? Does Safari have a better sorting tool? You could import/export your bookmarks through Safari.

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Please stay with your original thread about bookmarks.html.

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