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Multi Window problem

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Untill quite recently I was able to use Firefox in the Samsung Galaxy Note 2's multi window feature. It has now disappeared. Why is this? Has the feature been removed on an update? Can I get it back? I liked this feature as it will was very useful for displaying flash pages side by side with another web. Please help. I have tried reinstalling the app but to no avail. Any help or suggestions would be great.

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Update your Firefox to latest version of Firefox 20

If still you have the problem, report back to us.

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It is updated to version 20. Just un installed and reloaded from Google play, And have rebooted the phone and its still the same. Ps the phone is not rooted.

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Do you mean multi Tabs?

You can add new tab by clicking the 1 (or) + symbol on the right top corner

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No the Samsung galaxy Note 2 has a multi window feature that splits the screen for two applications that support the feature. Firefox was working with this feature but its not now.

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I got it.. let me check who has samsung galaxt Note2 and will get back to you..

Try with Firefox Beta

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This has been disable while we evaluate the feature across the full line of Samsung devices that support this. Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note I/II, Galaxy Note 10.1, etc.

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Hello I've just upgraded to windows 8 and I've just posted a query about this. Well my query was that I somehow made the panes split by accident some time ago when using Vista and now opened up in Windows 8 the split screen is gone and I cannot figure out how to get it back again - I really loved it and miss it as I had an application running in it that I could keep an eye on whilst using the other part of the window.

Are you saying it has been disabled altogether or just for samsung devices? I'm actually using Windows 8 on a Surface Pro with 2 extra monitors.

I hope you can help. Thanks :-)

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This is unrelated to Windows. This thread only deals with Android. Please start a new thread.