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Is there any app mode like there was in Prism/Chromeless projects ?

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Some time ago I used Prism to create standalone web applications of websites I use the most (i.e. gmail, facebook), now I saw that Prism project was abandoned and replaced by Chromeless which it's also abandoned : I want to ask if, just now, is there a way to obtain something similar to Prism/Chromeless and re-create mine web applications with desktop icon and so on.

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The XULRunner page on MDN mentions using the -app startup switch with firefox.exe. Does that work for your needs, or do you need something completely stand-alone?

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Hi jscher2000 , I was exactly searching for an -app switch for commandline, using firefox --help doesn't list this one so I thought it was removed. I will try to understand how to create the ini file needed to launch mine application.

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Is there a simple/automated way to create/run firefox in app mode only inserting a URL ? example something like firefox -app -create www.gmail.com ?

In prism and google chrome I was used to do it simpler : prism : tools->create application from website google chrome : chrome-browser -app="www.gmail.com" .

Is there something analogue for firefox ?

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Hi magowiz, although I was able to find the above links, I don't have any personal experience with XULRunner. If the MDN resources don't answer your question, you could try another resource such as the ones on this page:


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So you need a replace for prism/chromeless?

In my opinion, AppJS (http://appjs.org/) or node-webkit (https://github.com/rogerwang/node-webkit) are the perfect answers to your need.

Node-webkit is created and developed in Intel Open Source Technology Center so hopefully we might see a lasting support.

Check them out, they're simple to get started with.

The discontinuation of prism/chromeless really broke my heart. :(

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You can download an old standalone version of Prism from Microsoft.


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Hi OGRastamon, I think Microsoft's Prism is a different program than Mozilla's Prism.

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Yeah, I think you're right. But I do have a standalone of Prism that still works. Just not sure where to find it.