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when I try downloading Kindle for PC Windows 8 I get the message "this link needs to be opened with an applicatio"-and I don't know what I have to do

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Hi, I have just brought a new laptop running windows 8 and have installed Firefox. My old laptop was running XP and I didn't have a problem running Firefox on it. I am trying to install Kindle for PC on my new laptop but I keep getting the message "this link needs to be opened with an application". I've never seen this message before on any web browser that I have used. I have "googled" the question and some suggestions are: > reloading Firefox-no point I've just loaded it > downloading through Internet Explorer-which I don't want to do as I want Firefox my browser of choice > Some talk of changing profiles-which I haven't a clue about.

Any help in plain and simple English and assuming I have no prior knowledge (I'm a car driver rather than a mechanic) will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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I'm not familiar with downloads from the Windows 8 app store. Have you had problems with any other store downloads, or just this one? Is it an option to save the file?