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Where can I find the RPM for the latest firefox release?

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I just updated my FC14 installation. Firefox got kicked back to version 3. I want to install the latest version for all users on this machine. The only option appears to be to download the .tgz file but there are no instructions as to where to copy them, so all users get the update. Where can I find the RPM for the latest release?

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Mozilla doesn't provide Firefox as an RPM.
There are only tar.bz2 archive files that can be copied to an installation directory.
If you want RPM files then you need to check the repositories of your Linux distribution.
However such RPM files usually have a special branded Firefox version.

Always make sure that you meet the system requirements of the Firefox version that you install.

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Mozilla has experimented with generic RPM builds before (been over a year now if I recall) but none have been provided for any Firefox release from Mozilla. The many active Linux distros out there provide the better packages anyways and less likely to have issues with dependencies.