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Yahoo has hijacked my web browser from Firefox and I can't get rid of it.

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I have tried every way to change it, and my settings say Firefox is still my default browser yet it opens with AT&T/Yahoo as my search engine. I hate AT&T and have eliminated them completely from my life and don't want them as my search engine. I am currently running a virus extractor as I read that could be the problem, but if that doesn't work, any other suggestions?

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Yes I'd already done that.

Apparently I think it's got something to do with DNS hijacking

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Apparently I think it's got something to do with DNS hijacking

Please start a new thread then using /questions/new. Post back here afterwards to confirm you have done so. Readers of this thread may be interested in your new question.

In the new question please say who your Internet Service Provider is, as possibly what you see relates to their actions. Also mention whether you changed providers recently and whether this is only after such a change?

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Hi maestro101, you wrote:

There's only 1 thing that remains which I hope you can shed some light on. When I try a search in the address bar with a world like say 'organised' it defaults me to a optimum.net page instead of a google one

If you enter a single word in the address bar, Firefox will try it has a URL (e.g., if you enter asdf, it will try http://asdf/). Your ISP (or other DNS service) either can honestly report that there is no such domain, in which case it would be referred to Google search, or could return its own search page instead. One of these is more lucrative than the other. :-)

I'm not sure anyone has found a way to force Firefox to send a single word (i.e., a submission with no spaces) to the keyword search service. And many times you will want a "single word" such as google.com to be tried as a domain instead of searched. Maybe there's an add-on that can tell the difference?

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