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Windows 8 was released 5 months ago yet Firefox won't run on it - Bad! HOWEVER - on this site there is no mention - UNACCEPTABLE!! You have let yourselves down.

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There is some mention in the forums - but most of it is quite old - and in the support page you cannot sort by date - and I don't intend to read through 1,000 entries to find the one I want!

What is UNACCEPTABLE is the lack of clear information in a PROMINENT position at the front of the site.

I have just bought a new Laptop PC and could not get Windows 7 - I had to take Windows 8. Every PC in PC WORLD is now loaded with Windows 8 - and the Mozilla site doesn't even mention it!! And Windows 8 has been out for 5 months.

Is everyone asleep at Mozilla?

Clear information might stop your (ex?) customers getting mad at you.

(Written on my old Windows 7 PC).

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Firefox runs perfectly fine on Windows 8, I have Windows 8 and run it all the time on it, and we have thousands of other Windows 8 users. Go to www.getfirefox.com and download and install it. The only reason Firefox wouldn't run is if you had Windows RT.

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I like firefox very much. It is my favorite browser. But I could not use it on windows 8 RT. It is very bad.

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