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Suddenly, overnight, I can no longer schedule posts on my Facebook page using Firefox.

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  • Последний ответ от Nico Travassos

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When I try to schedule posts on my Facebook page, and click "Year" no drop-down menu appears (as it used to). It works fine in Chrome, but not Firefox, on either my PC (Windows 7) or laptop (also Windows 7).

I'm using version 18.01 (the most up to date). I've disabled all add-ons and plug-ins; I've cleared the cache and cookies; I've tried running FF in Safe Mode. I've rebooted the PC.

Any help gratefully accepted.

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Press Menu - go to help tab and click reset Firefox then Login in Facebook see if you have the same issue.

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Hi Nico,

I've already tried resetting FF (Help>Troubleshooting information>) and it didn't make any difference.

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Then it should be a facebook issue because i was having a similar problem on my chrome so i dealt it is Firefox:)

Which version are you running of firefox?

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I've reported it to Facebook too. I'm running the latest FF -18.01

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Ya must be Facebook hey.

i also had my problem reported which i thought was firefox and they only took a month to respond to me lol. :)

sorry i cant be more of help.

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Well, what do you know - it's fixed now!

Since I posted my original query above, I ran Microsoft Safety Scanner on my PC (http://www.microsoft.com/security/scanner/en-gb/default.aspx), which found 19 infected files & fixed them (I run Trend Micro weekly and it hadn't found these). I also upgraded Java on my PC. So perhaps it was this that fixed the issue.

However, the Facebook issue is also fixed on the laptop, where I DIDN'T run Microsoft Safety Scanner or upgrade Java.

So it seems that Facebook must have done something at their end.

Thank you for trying (and listening), Nico!

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Its my pleasure.

if you have any other issues relating Firefox, Submit a new topic and i will get back to you!

Enjoy your day!