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About Firefox for iOS devices

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If Google Chrome successfully manage to get a full amazing webrowser for iOS, how on earth does Firefox still not manage to be able to get it for iOS as well??? I dont believe a cent about the rules that there is certain files that firefox use and Apple does not agree with it. Just built a darm full Firefox browser for the iOS. Sorry but android is a piece of crap world. iOS is much better. I am a big firefox fan and use it for my windows laptop and i am the one installing every client of me firefox instead of using crappy internet explorer. IE9 did improve but it still wont replace my alltime best firefox browser. I been using firefox since 3.6 version been out about 2-3 years ago. Its amaze me that Firefox are not able to build one for iOS. Big mistake did you know iOS are extremly popular? It trash the android. I hate Galaxy series. Its lagging as hell. Build one for iOS please! Awaiting for feedback what might happen in the future. If its possible then its a great news. I can wait as long it will have a project. No wonder Firefox Home has been removed from Itunes Store. What a crap app is that for Iphone? Just for bookmarks?? Sorry its not good. At least thanks for trying. There must be a way to create a full browser for iOS. If Google Chrome could so could Firefox!!! Also I am using Chrome rather than safari. It is amazing browser. But I wish firefox were available and I would downloaded firefox without a second thought. Let me know what you guys think! Thanks for everything and also could you tell me why does firefox windows browser release version so quick? For me there is no big difference between 4.0 and 17.01. Thanks. The design needed to update now. Kind Regards

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First, Chrome for iOS isn't really chrome. It is only Safari with a new skin and the Chrome Syncing features built in. Apple won't allow a different web engine (like Gecko, which Firefox uses) on iOS, nor will it provide access to some of the API's that a web browser needs to run as fast as Safari. While we may work around these issues later on, it's not currently possible for Firefox to be on iOS.

As for the new versions, yes, there were MANY changes between Firefox 14 and Firefox 17, critical ones. Read http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/17.0.1/releasenotes/ for the changes in Firefox 17

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Oke first of all thank you for the reply. I do understand now. It would kind of be nice if Firefox did follow the steps of chrome but I understand it is not possible. As for the changes between 14 and firefox 17. These changes does not really make sense to me. It is small changes like issues etc. It should be like 14.1 or 14.3 if you know what I mean? We feel from Firefox 14 to 15 should be quite big changes like the interfaces etc. If we look at Internet Explore there are obvious change to the interface between 6,7,8 and 9. I was wondering why Firefox sudden change version so quickly yet the interface and the speed we feel its more or less the same. For average user wont notice a difference so its for expert user only but expert are very small compared to average users. I feel the user interface the design of the web browser need to update again. I really like the looks of the IE9 design. I dont know it just feel newer and I would love if Firefox would update the icon to modern also like I love IE9 icon much much better than IE8. Kind Fond Regards

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The version changing is part of Firefox Rapid Release, which has been in place for almost two years now. They are time based released, not feature releases. Every 6 weeks we release a new version of Firefox, and anything that is ready for that version, is released. If something isn't ready yet, it waits for the next release. This is different than how we did things before Firefox 4 was released, where we finished everything we wanted then released. Having an every 6 week schedule helps us get improvements, bug fixes and new features that are ready out to the users faster than having them sit for months, which is what used to happen.

A new version doesn't need to include major UI changes, in fact it's better if it doesn't all the time, as that leads to alot of user confusion. But we are going to be giving Firefox a facelift soon, so stay tuned :)

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Mozilla is not ignoring the iOS as they experimented with a browser prototype called Junior. For example: http://arstechnica.com/apple/2012/06/mozilla-shows-experimental-junior-browser-for-ios/

Also the Firefox Home was not removed because it was crap, in fact the source is still available and there is a version on iTunes under a different name now. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/bookmarks-on-the-go/id550037184

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I agree Android OS leaves you stuck in a box there is no free flowing like Linux they need to set us Free!!