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Where are my cache files?

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Ok I have a new problem with the new Firefox. I just updated my Firefox to the newest version. But while I’ve been using the old version I use a very good feature I liked about Firefox a lot .that was the cache folder and cache files used to create for using software like downloading so many kind of files like videos pictures and any content I’ve browsed on the net by Firefox. All those files been there in a folder in this location (C:\Documents and Settings\A\Local Settings\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\r52ck3aw.default\Cache) and I could use that to preview all those files but now when I go to that folder there is just like thousands folders and none of my file is there you only can find a few of them. Please don’t tell me that I no longer have that folder and cache files like the old versions? Please help?

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No, current Firefox version allow for a much larger cache and can store a lot more files, so now there is a folder structure to facilitate this (Bug 597224).

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Thanks Cor-el and I am glad that you’re there when I need help. It does work but there are some things I don’t understand yet. I’ve browsed so many pages previewed pictures saved videos but now there isn’t many of them. I am confused the old version used to store files about 400 Mb for example and it used to replace the new files with the oldest. This add-ons works like you are going to the specific folder and search all the files and folder in there and then like a Window you are able to arrange the files as you wish however this add-ons is good and make that easier. You’re right and thanks but I still don’t know why there isn’t all my files they should be cached. Is there any rule to cache a file or cache files contains any type of files. Can give some knowledge about it?