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When in chat rooms copy paste doesn't copy the new line created by each seperate post. How do i make it do that. IE, Opera, and Crhome can.

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The title says it all

I'm on a chatsite and as I go to copy paste instead of keeping the 'logs' in this nice line by line base, where each time a person speaks they have their own line, it meshs it together in a giant paragraph. At first i thought this was MS Word, then i tried just copy pasting from FireFox to fireFox and it still didn't work. Chrome, IE, Opera, and safari can all copy paste the lines and keep them in lines on this particular website.

I'm in a bind here because it's my job to save 'logs' here and I cannot do that well if i have to go through and start each line just so it's easy to read.

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When you paste into Word, could you try using

Paste Special > Unformatted Unicode Text

Depending on your version of Word, you can access Paste Special from the drop-down at the bottom of the large Clipboard button on the Home tab or the ribbon, or from the classic Edit menu. (If you use it often, you can add EditPasteSpecial to the Quick Access toolbar.)

The theory behind this suggestion is that you are pasting pre-formatted text with hard line break characters instead of HTML line break characters (or paragraph tags). If it doesn't work, then some other formatting might be used.

Any luck?

If you select the log content, right-click, and choose View Selection Source, you could get further insight into how that part of the page is formatted.

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Netiehr the Unformated Unicode Text or the Uicode text function worked

2003 is my edition of word by the way

When I clicked on the "view source' part i got this

[22:35 PM]<a class="AvatarLink GenderNone">USER NAME</a>: mmhm

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I'd need to see the HTML to get a better idea of what's going on there.

As a short term workaround, you can use Word's Find and Replace feature to add a paragraph break before each timestamp. The simplest way would be to look for any [ followed by any numeric digit:

Press Ctrl+h to call up the Replace dialog

Find what: [^#
Replace with: ^p^&

Or if you prefer a line break within a paragraph:

Replace with: ^l^&

(That's a lower case L)

If brackets occur frequently in the chat text, then you might need to develop a more sophisticated wildcard replace.

Either way, you can save your replace as a macro and add it to a toolbar for one-click access.

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That will work for a quick replacement that is SO helpful. How did you know what that did where can I look it up at?

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If you expand the find and replace dialog, there is a little pop-up at the bottom which inserts the codes for you so you don't need to memorize them. Although you'll probably memorize the most frequently used ones. In this case:

  • ^p = paragraph break
  • ^& = the "found text"

So the replace inserts a paragraph break before every found match.